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Mar 29, 2016

Undercover Women’s Clothes “Evil Clown” Spring Summer 2016 2017

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Undercover women’s clothes brought his quirky collection for spring and summer 2016 2017, entitled “Evil Clown”, for details and playful references to the circus world, but at the same time macabre.

Undercover Women's Clothes Evil Clown Collection spring summer

Undercover Women’s Clothes Evil Clown Collection spring summer 2016 2017

Japanese fashion house, Undercover, has really surprised everyone with the new proposals for this season spring – summer 2016 2017. During the Paris Fashion Week has staged a whimsical and eccentric fashion show, often tending to the macabre tone. The new collection, entitled “Evil Clown fact” proposes models inspired by the iconic figure of the clown, loved by many but feared by many others for its frightening charm.

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Undercover Evil Clown Collection Spring Summer 2016 2017

Undercover Evil Clown Mask + Dresses Spring Summer

With the 25th anniversary of the fashion house, comes a collection that wants to embody the styles used by Undercover in recent years. The models generally prefer the aesthetic rock star / punk, twisted with the game of silhouettes.

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The spring summer collection 2016 2017, centered on the figure of the clown, classic shows and short pants, paired with shoes with buckles and the garishly bright colors. The fashion house has chosen to play especially with meshes and with blouses, to which he added scarves and men’s neckties and even seat belts, which most resemble those of the rides of the amusement parks.

Undercover Evil Clown Spring Summer 2016 2017

Undercover Evil Clown Dresses + Mask Collection Spring Summer

Some models have a more serious style, but made particularly gruesome on the choice of makeup, accentuating the eyes and mouth, making them almost vampire and bloodthirsty. In pictured proposals, the fashion house Undercover has chosen to combine, in classic pants, mesh and very long jackets, almost on her knees, broken by the playfulness of the shoes, strictly in shiny fabrics and bright colors.

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