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Mar 4, 2016

Tosca Blu Shoes Spring Summer Collection 2016 2017

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Tosca Blu has presented a shoe collection spring summer 2016 2017 fashion enlivened by the forms and the gritty style by investing in a vibrant color palette in line with the most popular trends of the season, alternating casual models, the chicest creations, without giving up mannish forms.

Low by androgen-style shoes

The flat shoes offer an ‘ androgenic aesthetic shaping of models lace and slip-on available in solid laminated leather, following the versions and variants matte leather with cut-out uppers combined materials and toe cap-toe golden. Taking a look at the brand sandals are put on display elegant solutions with high heel stiletto coming close to selling 13 cm balanced by 2-3 cm platform, these models are complemented by along the instep strap and t-bars in which alternate paths models from strings to tie around your calf in the name of the slave sandals model.

Tosca Blu sneakers Summer, long Hairstyles

Tosca Blu sneakers Summer, long Hairstyles

Tosca Blu Shoes Sabot Summer collection 2016 2017

Sandals and clogs of inspiration the 70s

The brand Tosca Blu also suggests different sandals in sherbet colors girly aesthetics and bon ton, then stand out of the vintage variations that are swayed by ’70s fashion with wooden heel and plateau, are put on display also some luxury models embellished with stones in pastel colors applied with brown leather straps and heel and para contrasting wood with the upper, finally room for the most classic sandals with ankle bracelet to combine comfort and glamor aesthetic.

Sea Sandals With Sequins dressing by Tosca Blu

Sea Sandals With Sequins dressing by Tosca Blu

For the 2016 2017 spring summer fashion are presented different interpretations of sabot , models came back into vogue in the last period, which the brand declines in the version with only the tip-end open-toe, really ladylike mary jane from the vintage look that is inspired by the 70 with some detail that recalls the shape of the hooves, it comes to closed end models with decorative studs on the profiles and on the basis of bright colors.

Tosca Blu Shoes, Sneakers Spring Summer Collection 2016 2017

The collection also includes several sporty chic models, it comes to sneakers with sequins coated or decorated with romantic embroidery, focusing on a pink base or rolled in gold and silver tones.

Wedge Sandals Summer by Tosca Blu

Wedge Sandals Summer by Tosca Blu

The collection presented Tosca Blu Shoes for Spring Summer 2016 2017 is characterized by the aggressive style and the fashion forms, where casual models alternate with others chicer.

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