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Feb 23, 2016

The Shaggy Bob Haircuts Spring Summer 2016 2017

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The shaggy bob haircuts state among the trendiest of the headband interpretations that reach chin height and can be modulated in different variants proving a hair look versatile and very feminine…

The Shaggy Bob Haircuts Spring Summer in different variants proving a hair look

This variation of the bob effect disheveled continue to win over a large number of women in the course of the season spring-summer 2016 since it is a shortcut but not far from fresh and youthful mood, not only can adapt to different types of hair but also to women’s facial features.

In line with the dictates of the most popular of recent seasons, the shaggy bob can be chosen to give fullness to fine hair by acquiring a sophisticated volume to value through a lightly creased effect to recreate on the entire length of the strands, to obtain a texture crumpled it confers full body, so it is recommended to use a fixed product such as a wax during the drying phase of the canopy; to structure the volume of all the foliage is best to go on a cut climbed with central or lateral line.

The shaggy bob for spring summer 2016 is open also to the variations moves with subtle waves or fuller extending from a few centimeters of continuing roots to the tips, this version can be declined on an asymmetric cut to match a climbed clump and ironed fluently or a long fringe and full by the smooth styling.

Even the curly hair can take the form of this dynamic and strategic cut saw that allows you to manage the leonine hair more rebellious, to show off a trendy look is good to keep the natural effect by focusing on a filleting on the perimeter to create a cut climbed that frames your face by resizing the volume.

To make it more attractive cutting you can then associate bright colors that reward natural shades animated multifaceted reflections from one or two shades lighter than your base, thereby, provides a brush of blond, brown caramel or chocolate, black, red copper.

The bob effect disheveled during the season spring-summer 2016 will be a trendy hairstyle, versatile and feminine, which sees the bob haircut interpreted in different ways.

Fresh and youthful mood, you can adapt not only to different types of hair but also to women’s facial features.

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