Nov 20, 2018
Dec 28, 2015

4 Splendid Ideas to Try Short Hairstyles In Face Type Look

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New Year, new resolutions and new short hairstyles for those who have decided to take the plunge; the trend is the short hairstyles. Swap your long hair mermaid against a short hairstyles rebel unstructured or square, it will not do you good!

The Pixie Short Hairstyles

The Pixie Short Hairstyles For Women’s Short Haircuts

Popularized by the beauty icon Audrey Hepburn, the court is back in fashion and calls on all heads. Michelle Williams, through Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson or Anne Hathaway, this short haircut has the merit of structuring the face. Recommended any particularly for girls who have a square or oval face, this hairstyle allows for an androgynous look childish side where the premium.

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