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Dec 6, 2015

10 Secrets of French Beauty: Take to Arms! How Do They Do It

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Secrets of French Beauty! French style, French kiss, French perfume, French style: Parisian way we consider a model of refinement, elegance, romance and sophistication.

Secrets of French Beauty

How do they do it? Write it down Secrets of French Beauty.

1. They Take Care Of The Skin

Firstly, they do not sunbathe or use bronzers. Dark skin you add a minimum of five years: the rule Parisian assimilate with their mother’s milk. Without exception, of course, can not do, but of the 10 Parisian 9 – with a natural, even slightly palely skin. It is very well-groomed! According to statistics, in the salons of Paris’s most popular beauty treatments – exfoliation, cleansing and moisturizing in the second triple – face massage, anti-aging treatments and restorative hydrating mask.

2. They Do Not Abuse Makeup

Mascara, a little blush and neutral lipstick – all, that the French use for everyday life. Foundation and powder, shadows, pencils century and even more so the arrow and bright lipstick considered attributes evening or festive make-up (for example, a wedding), come “in full dress” in an office or a meeting with friends – weird, out of place and is considered a sign bad taste. Something to think about!

3. They Do Not Like Contouring

No matter how many ways sculptured face offered no leading makeup artists, the French ignored this advice. Because it is not natural! The most sophisticated applied highlighter on cheekbones and hollow upper lip. All!

4. They Do Not Ground Dull Skin

Healthy skin is a little shiny. This is normal, it’s natural and it’s beautiful. Powder every hour, to look like a flour sprinkled doll? Do not French. It is too appreciating its beauty.

5. They Know a Lot of Negligence

True French will never allow that when you look at it someone said or thought, “She tried very hard.” Never shade of blush will not match the color of nail polish, handbag – shoes, hair is not perfect, but a jacket or dress – oblipochku sitting in the figure. Carelessly thrown over his neck scarf, stray strands of the beam, the expanding office cardigan over trousers – and it’s always fascinating.

6. They Always Carry a Red Lipstick

Any image is transformed into a festive, if lipstick red. Torn jeans, T-shirt printed with a funny, mix of jewelry around the neck or a dress to the floor, Greek sandals and wide-brimmed hat – it does not matter, what’s your style. Add red lipstick – and you’re the queen, say Parisian.

7. They Go to Expensive Hairdressers

“You can buy the coolest rags for 5 euros, and no one would guess its value, if it sits well and fits into your style but cheap haircut and cheap staining seen ever. Always! “And do not style your hair, good haircut is she. Watch, to be healthy and shiny.

8. They Do Not Like Hair Accessories

Barrettes, ribbons, decorative elastic bands, “crab”, headbands and other decorations cheapen the appearance, feel Parisian. All of these devices have the task: secure the ponytail or bun, gather hair into a knot or lift the fringe, it is not necessary to give them up, but what they will be invisible – the better.

9. They Are Always in Spirits

And each has at least a dozen flavors of mood, a situation, for special occasions, everyday, bought in a fit of madness and how memories of holidays. French perfume worn as a dress or shoes, and get out of the house, without adding to the appearance of the flavor of the day, for them is like leaving the house naked.

10. They are Fanatically Protected From The Sun

Despite the fact that Paris – the city is not the southern latitudes, the most popular means for skin care there are considered moisturizers for the face with SPF 50+. In the sunny days, a cream was not the end: French wear cotton blouse with long sleeves, a hat with huge fields, and the most zealous guardians of health and youthful skin and a special grab an umbrella, which protects against ultraviolet radiation. We, northerners, difficult to live with it, but let us already recognize the fact, that the sun ages, ages, ages the skin!

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