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Nov 17, 2015

The Evolution of Rihanna Outfits in 30 Multiple Styles Look!

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A special feature of Rihanna outfits: its ability to adopt a new style with great ease, whether in her music, her wardrobe or hair color. The pop princess, now become fashion icon, has tried every style, for better or for worse … A brief overview of the multiple looks of Rihanna.

Of little girl in the beginning, the original star of Barbados moved quickly to the rank of great seductress. Discrete singer Rihanna has erected femme fatale. Simultaneously with its dress changing her hair color changes radically over the albums. This to the delight of his fans, never safe from a surprise.

Rihanna Outfits

Rihanna Outfits Look Book

The singer of “Diamonds” has gone through several phases before finding the actual style that he knows. And the first stages dress under which she presented to the public are not more assumed … Because yes, the Barbadian diva has not always been this beautiful fashonista Version 2015.

At 17, in 2004, the pretty brunette is still seeking her style. Adept baggy pants, sneakers and cropped tops, the teenager island sports a hip hop look a little cheap, worthy of the 2000s for the red carpet, she tries to slinky outfits so sexy footballer’s wife. But if Rihanna began with a shaky teen style, her humble beginnings were only short-lived.

A climbing spire erected in fashion icon

Gradually, as it became known, the star glamourises. From 2007, she wears gala held falling to the ankles. This is the period satin dresses.

The release of her album “Good Girl Gone Bad” sign soaring popularity of its coast. A climb that benefits her bank account, but also has a strong impact on her fun appeal! It is found in its leather thigh boots, fishnet stockings and plunging necklines.

In 2010, Rihanna crosses a line with broad shoulders tuxedos puffy sleeves so 80’s. It is also, this year, it is a color to become red and wears nails everywhere, look for a more rock’n’roll.

Two years later, she adopted for good glam attitude that characterizes so well. It shines in its sublime evening dresses haute couture. Her street looks are also noticed by fashonistas for their more casual side. It even becomes a real trend-setter small international. It has also chosen to become the face Armani and he was given a stylist position at River Island and Puma. Lately, she has even launched her line of make-up, “Fenty Beauty”.

From there, the rock star will not cease to play its strengths on the red carpet, relying sometimes on wacky looks, hyper feminized, if not downright daring. It is far from the look of her early teenager, a decade earlier.

Some stylistic excesses

Her bold and pelleted mix, the star is sometimes placed by a little pop-trash … We remember, among others, of its total green water look feathered in 2011 or her arch transparent dress worn during the CFDA Fashion Award ceremony in June 2014. That same year, Riri keeps the bob but topless that unashamedly a star appears in the magazine Lui.

With all its stylistic attempts absurd and sometimes eccentricity without restraint, hard not to wipe some missteps clothing but anyway, the Bad Girl is always careful to wear sophisticated outfits, highlighting her female body.

The thread of Rihanna 0utfits style

Over the years, it is still struggling to target a very definite style about Rihanna. Always full of originality, a bit of decadence, a hint of rebellious spirit, a good dose of glamor. And even though sometimes it forces a little dose of the ingredients, the recipe Rihanna mode is always breathtaking. The singer from Barbados is known to be noticed to get a place among the international celebrities, along with Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé.

Amid the tops and flops, the star of the islands upsets the codes of fashion styles and adopt increasingly sought. A true chameleon look, Rihanna dress style changes almost every album release! At least that is safe, with it, the surprise effect is systematic. Her next outing is expected to discover what worked outfit she will decide to adopt this time.

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