Nov 17, 2018
Mar 20, 2016

8 Products That You Replace Coconut Oil

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Replace coconut oil and economically, and intelligently, and with concern for nature, and for the skin – continuous use!

Replace Coconut Oil

Replace Coconut Oil

1. Makeup Remover

Waterproof, in three layers, but, at least, theatrical makeup: oil easily remove any makeup, soften the skin at the same time.

2. Lip Balm

A little oil – and your lips plump, soft, smooth and moist attractive.

3. Shaving Gel

If you remove unwanted hair with a razor, try to replace the gel or shaving foam coconut oil: skin will be more tender, and do not need to reassure her after the procedure.

4. Toothpaste

The coconut oil has anti-inflammatory ingredients, anticaries agents, it will provide even whitening effect! It sounds very strange, but at least, try to add a little oil to the usual toothpaste, believe, you will notice the difference!

5. The tool for cleaning brushes

The soap solution adds tablespoon of oil and wash the brush in this composition. Hairs will remain soft, not rasp shat ya and maintain density.

6. Hair Balm

After washing, apply on hair pressed a little ( just a teaspoon) of coconut oil and massage your hair thoroughly. Dry the hair dryer and enjoy the cool brilliance of head of hair!

7. Primer

Apply the oil on the skin before make-up, it will give the skin a healthy glow and helps tone the means to stay longer.

8. Antistatic Hair

Just a drop of coconut oil, warm up and pounded in his hands, save you from hair naelektrizovyvaniya: just swipe your finger across the strands.

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