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Jan 13, 2016

Removing the Acne Grains: So, Goodbye to Acne!

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Not only hormones play tricks when translated into grains in your facial skin, also, excesses when feed, stress, poor cleaning of the face … so, nothing like the best tricks Expert and treatment to deal with acne at any age. From expert strategies to treatments that are going, any makeup concealer that camouflages and dry your pimples, gadgets ?? Do not miss them!

Removing the Acne Grains. So, Goodbye to Acne!

The acne is no longer a problem affecting only 80 percent of teenagers but also has become a problem for women between 20 and 50 years by 20 percent. Both one and the other case is due to inflammation of the sebaceous gland involved in increased sebum production stimulated by hormones. And there is a genetic factor that predisposes to clogged pores and bacteria to increase. And dermotológico problem of acne and its aftermath, although sometimes they are mild, always affect those who suffer.

Acne at bay or how to say goodbye to grains

“One of the characteristics of acne in adult women is that usually appears in the area around the mouth, chin and neck. The beans are usually large, red, with discharge, delayed healing and prone to scarring. Although the cause is not fully known we know that there is a hormonal factor that worsens during times of stress, menstrual period, use of makeup or creams fats and with smoking “, tells Dr. Miguel Sanchez Viera, director of the Institute of Dermatology Integral.

So if you want to know how to remove the grains, nothing like a good daily cleaning of the area affected by acne noncomedogenic products. Also, it recommends a peeling type scrub once a week. ?? And one of the things we recommend to our patients emphatically is that the grains do not touch or wounds, and less with unwashed hands as they can aggravate the injury quickly and without realizing it ??, explains Sánchez Viera.

Actresses like Kristen Stewart suffer from breakouts and not cease to pose to the flashes treating your problem right products and makeup.

Actresses like Kristen Stewart suffer from breakouts and not cease to pose to the flashes treating your problem right products and makeup.

The expert training Marta Gamarra, director of the formation of Eve Lom in Spain recommended ?? avoid excessively fatty products such as foundations occluding the pore, especially the bases that lead many silicones ?? to prevent rather than cure or go to more for your skin problem curbing and reducing inflammation. In addition, the expert notes that skin ?? grains should never touch but if we can do is clean the skin and apply the mask on clean granite and balance the bacteria and reduce inflammation with antiseptic formulas containing salicylic acid help remove stains without drying the skin and of course the best way to treat acne is to consult a dermatologist to make us a studio and we recommend the best treatment to eradicate ?? .

And in that sense, perseverance and discipline in treatment are fundamental for positive results and win the battle against pimples and acne because as explains Dr. Cristina Garcia Millan, a dermatologist at the Dermatology Group Pedro Jaen treatment ?? Acne requires adherence by the patient, not worth to apply care a couple of days, it is necessary review and supervision to prevent the frequent occurrence of bounces and it is important to use dermo-cosmetic products with appropriate textures to facilitate the implementation and help improve the appearance of the skin, and be formulated with active substances tolerant ?? .

How to treat acne scars

Another unfinished business on your skin acne scars that are left increasingly common and not just teenage girls but beyond the 20, 30 and 40 being one of the main consequences of this skin disease and that some cases even decline in self-esteem and quality of life. “The idea in these cases is placed in the hands of a dermatologist, always in months with less sun, autumn and winter are the most appropriate, because the vast majority treatments require extra protection from sunlight, ” says Miguel Sanchez Viera, director of the Institute of Integral Dermatology.

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