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Dec 28, 2015

How To Protect Lips In Winter Chapped Lips Brittle Nails or Rough Skin

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How to protect lips in winter?

The cold season affects more than harmful to the skin. Demonstrates the chapped lips s, brittle nails or rough skin. Fortunately, there is much-specialized care so that women who maintain to take care of their faces and their bodies.

How To Protect Lips In Winter Chapped Lips Brittle Nails or Rough Skin

In cold period, the appearance of the skin and lips is the first to be hit. To prevent streaks on the lips, it is advisable to drink plenty of water during the winter. This allows the skin to hydrate a regular basis.

Furthermore, toe protects lips against cold air, it is better to use balms displaying effective formulas. Note that some products are specially made for the body, therefore, must not be mistaken.

Pour the lips well protected both inside and outside, it is worth buying a humidifier and install it in the house. This technique keeps the indoor air at a certain level of moisture, not too wet, not too dry. Sunscreen is also indicated for lip care. Indeed, these products help protect lips against the negative effects of sun exposure.

Only lip balms and other protective care must be used for proven efficacy. It is better to avoid using minty lip balms because they dry out skin and even lips. Lipsticks displaying formulas that tend to dry out the lips are also forbidden during the winter.[ads1]

To ensure that the balsam does its job, it is advisable to apply at night before bed. In this way, it will apply its remedial function during the night and will soften the lips much more than in the day. What makes that clock, lips will be repaired and displayed an incomparable softness.

The other trick to take care of your lips during the winter is to exfoliate the face after cleansing. To do this, simply use a simple washcloth or a lip scrub homemade.

Note that the composition of a homemade scrub incorporates a teaspoon of honey, baking soda and a few drops of olive oil. You must then mix well until smooth. Once this is ready, simply dab on the lips and massage gently with your fingers to remove dead skin cells. Simple washing with warm water will cause the product. And that the effect is more feel it is possible to apply a small drop of olive oil on the daily use lip balm.

After following these recommendations for a while, the lips will find in reduces and sublimated. In sum, one can very well take care of her lips, in summer and winter. To do this, just follow some simple rules.

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