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Dec 7, 2015

Pinko Clothing Fashion Fall Winter 2016 2017 Collection

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Pinko proposes a fall-winter 2015-2016 fashion collection full of interesting ideas to shape outfit capable of expressing different female personalities complement, playing in an original diktats most intriguing of the season.

Pinko Clothing

Does not pass unnoticed by the varied line minidress and long dress formalwear starring models refined to splurge on special occasions, so come on the scene put the aesthetic etiquette.

Pinko clothing and Ceremonial dress autumn winter collection

Pinko clothing and Ceremonial Long dress with sandals autumn winter collection

Pinko suggests several long dress decorated with jewel applications placed on the waist up, follow the solutions intangible and far more girly made of tulle that accompany the romantic floral lace inserts, the brand also offers Mikado dresses with black and floral designs that turn pink, follow different minidress that reproduce the same thematic motifs.

Pinko knitwear fashion fall winter 2016 collection

Pinko knitwear fashion fall winter collection

The clothing line Winter signed Pinko is populated by a large number of coordinated compounds from sweaters and skirts in wool with weft paintings that wink to the vintage fashion of the 70s , there are then the appeal of Full wool compounds a plaid jacket and skirt of the same plot and the trapezoid shape, also stand complete with high-waisted pants and bell-bottoms to wear shirts with plain or in the printed version, with or pullover.

Pinko clothing 2016 2017 autumn winter

Pinko knitwear shirts and sweaters minimalist aesthetic skirt and shoes

The reserved line knitwear includes a large number of shirts and sweaters minimalist aesthetic, it’s models declined in wool plain or in two-color version, the models are decorated with ribs and side slits mischievous.

Pinko High-waisted trousers 2016 2017 autumn winter turtleneck sweater

Pinko High waisted trousers with turtleneck sweater autumn winter

For the cold season there is no shortage then the coats from the line reserved for coats aesthetics quite feminine and sophisticated in alternating patterns of different coat essential slipped and cut it open in different colors like orange and bright pink in alternating different capispalli faux fur and sheepskin.

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