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Jan 29, 2016

Pantone Colors In 2016 In The World Of Make-Up ROSE QUARTZ And BLUE SERENITY [PHOTOS]

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Like every year were announced Pantone colors in 2016, Rose Quartz and Blue Serenity will star next season in all areas, even in the world of makeup. These are two shades quite clear, almost pastel, perfect for spring and summer, especially in terms of clothing, but also good for the first few months of January and February to revive a beauty look winter with a soft blue eye shadow and pink lipstick. Let’s see inspirations and products to follow the new trend!


Rose Quartz and Blue Serenity were officially elected Pantone colors in 2016. After the heated Marsala which characterized the entire world makeup, we are now faced with two-tone much more clear, more pastel, really perfect view to the upcoming spring and summer to come. The Rose Quartz is a soft pink characterized, especially in makeup, a note or slightly iridescent shimmer, just like that of the gemstone and is easy to adapt in lipsticks, eye shadows, pencils and even blush. The Blue Serenity, however, is so named because it resembles the placid calm of the blue sky in summer, a perfect shade on your nails (especially with the tan), but also on the eyes with eyeshadows and pencils, either alone, or as the huge framework to do smokey eyes bright.

We begin to say goodbye to the strong and vibrant shades of Marsala, Pantone color of 2015. With the new year, in fact, it completely changes the register color and two-color Pantone chooses decidedly softer, the Rose Quartz , exactly like the gemstone that we remember and all that as well as being characterized by a very light pink has known the brightest and opalescent really wonderful (and easy to replicate in the world of make-up ). The ‘ Blue Serenity, however, was so named because it remembers (and gives) serenity and calm, inspired by a placid summer sky.

The inspiration for fashion colors Pantone 2016 are already many, it will be really wonderful to see us wrapped in dresses, shirts, and complete pink quartz or blue serenity, though, it must be said, that they will be just fine hardly at all and are not simple colors to bring in clothing: perhaps become easier for the world of make-up, you are super passionate or not, a pink lipstick and blue eye shadow, going badly if no one denies them.

Let’s see some products of the collections already on sale or on arrival that could do for us to reproduce the beauty look in line with the colors Pantone 2016 : Regarding the Rose Quartz, we almost spoiled for choice, this rose clear, and often accompanied by accents shimmer, beautiful example, the lipstick Inglese Rose Burberry or the Georgie Girl line of The Marc Jacobs Beauty . Even blush and eyeshadows are easily found here rose, Colorful Pink eyeshadow and eyeliner Sephora with accents shimmer is perfect for eye makeup all over for both simple lines, as well as the ‘ Magic Eyeshadow Collister, liquid consistency -Cremona be applied with a special brush.

Even enamels, as the iconic dancer Chanel are perfect for playing a Rose Quartz look!

And the Blue Serenity? The makeup blue sometimes scares, many are afraid to use it excessively or vulgar, actually, in this specific and delicate shades so clear you do not run the risk, of course, must be chiefly directed on eye shadow and eye pencils, taking into account that this color goes great with skin and light eyes, and goes well with those with blond or red hair. The eyeliner / pencil super writing of Guerlain line Stylo Yeux Katy is perfect in the shade, to shade with a thin line on the eyelid, but also in rhyme eye, eye shadow cream Shiseido coloring Nightfall is perfect for a makeup Evening possibly coupled with pencil and mascara blacks intense, the Turquoise Crystalline Mauve of makeup forever is a professional eye shadow slightly lighter than Serenity, but perfect for a modular eye makeup and match the Pantone color of summer 2016 to a smokey eyes more elaborate. On the hands? Lapis of Essie is really the best shades to bet!

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