Nov 17, 2018
Dec 7, 2015

New NIVEA Hair Care with a New Formula Even Better

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Beautiful NIVEA Hair Care! NIVEA maintains our hair with a new formula even better

PROMO COMPETITION the new NIVEA Hair Care with precious nutritional essences gets our hair already during washing everything it needs. We have to celebrate this! NIVEA raffled off for you and your best friend a makeover in London. Join now!

Combing, blow dry, straighten, colorizer. Our hairs have to endure more and more, but will still look it healthy and shiny. To meet the high demands on the hair care more accessible, NIVEA Hair Care & Styling revised and improved all product formulations.

NIVEA Hair Care

NIVEA Hair Care products, Shampoo and conditioner

Perfectly maintained by interior and exterior

Each hair has inherently about lipids that give moisture and shine to the hair. Durchstylen, dyeing and environmental influences will be lost lipids. The hair looks dull and brittle. To protect the hair against lipid loss maintains the new NIVEA Hair Care’s formula is now just a valuable nutritional essences combination of macadamia oil and Eucerit®.

Macadamia Oil penetrates deep into the hair inside and supplied it with fresh lipids. The hair regains its healthy moisture and shine, is strengthened and more elastic. Eucerit® encloses the hair with a protective film that prevents the lipid loss caused by environmental factors such as cold, heat and UV radiation. Incidentally, we should be familiar Eucerit® because it is also the basic building block of the popular NIVEA Creme.[ads1]

Intelligent Hair Repair

Brand new in the NIVEA foster family NIVEA Repair + Targeted Care Series for stressed and damaged hair. Split ends and hair breakage occur when the cuticle is damaged. NIVEA Repair + Targeted Care recognizes thanks to its intelligent technology Kera Detect® damaged structures in the hair and repairs right there, without weighing the remaining hair. In addition, Panthenol provides the hair with moisture and strengthens it from the inside out. New Keratinbausteine encloses and protects at the same time the hair from the outside, it is maintained, strengthened and protected, provides powerful and feels wonderful supple.

New formula, new design

Feminine Life Logo

Not only the formulation of the NIVEA Hair Care products has been completely renewed, also the design convinces with a fresh look. The hair care products look modern and feminine and shine it with better practical properties. Shampoo and conditioner are now better on the head and can be the better grip.

Text and images: Beyersdorf AG

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