Nov 17, 2018
Feb 19, 2016

Nero Giardini Handbags Spring Summer 2016 2017

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Giardini Nero Handbags collection dedicated to the summer season triumphs a feminine and sophisticated style without sacrificing the functionality offered by capacious models and structured forms, not all lack the more casual and sporty solutions.

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Within the proposal grants the spring summer 2016 signed Nero Giardini meet models in different sizes and shapes that are colored in dark, muted strokes banner of a minimalist chic look particularly good manners. Starting the journey is exploring the catalog summer handbags Italian brand will highlight different shopper declined in large from the wide V-shape at the top and long leather handles in soft colors like white, ivory, beige, taupe, royal blue shaded; ppoi room for some versions from vertical with surface decorated with paintings patchwork effect, stand out also several shopper models based bicolor complemented by short handles which are flanked solutions with chain handles.

Winking to seasonal dictates the Italian brand suggests several backpacks from sporty chic style with quilted surface and zip to close the outside pockets that run through the aesthetics of the models designed in black leather, blue, beige.

In handbags collection dedicated to the season spring summer 2016 license plate Nero Giardini introduce a number handbag from a structured form and modern look, the standard models join aesthetics of the creations in medium sized or smaller, in line with the fashion of the mini bags, the characteristic of these models is the presence of decorative zip along the main panels. This is followed by some pretty shoulder bags in mini version focusing on aesthetics bon ton, with square flap matte or suede, some models are available with basic quilted and in the version in equestrian style with half-moon flap and buckle focusing on a ‘fahion cosmetic.

Nero Giardini for spring summer 2016 offers a collection bags from casual and sporty, functional and capacious, without giving up a feminine mood and sought after.

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