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Jan 29, 2016

Nail Manicure Dancer Shape or Coffin Nail Shape 2016 2017

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Nail Manicure 2016 2017: dancer shape or coffin nail shape

The latest Nail Manicure trends that are spreading on Pinterest and Instagram suggest a new form nails to become one of the most popular fashions ahead of 2016 2017, it is the shape renamed dancer shape or coffin shape.

2016 2017 Coffin Nail Manicure in Dancer Shape

Coffin Nail Manicure in Dancer Shape

This form can be done in gel or acrylic since the natural nail to propose the dancer shape or coffin shape must be long enough so require time and care.

Coffin nails shape For Nail Manicure in Dancer Shape

Coffin nails shape For Nail Manicure in Dancer Shape

To show off this particular form of nails you have to bet on a long showy that allows you to boost the side on which you have to create oblique lines while the central part is left straight, square and barely visible. It is thus draw a marquee that resembles the shape of pointe shoes usually worn by dancers in ballet, in which case you may choose the colors soft and etiquette that evoke the world of ballet shoes and tutus from such as milk white, pink flesh, peach, beige, ivory, space also transparent top coat embellished with silver or gold glitter in this way can be made of nail art style girly.

White Nail art trend with Coffin shape

White Nail art trend with Coffin shape

Leveraging this elongated and blunt you can follow another influence that provided by the second name that accompanies this particular nail art “coffin shape” in English means shaped like a coffin, in the wake of this meaning can be created by manicure Gothic or which, in this case, it is good to move towards the dark and opaque enamels can pull a nail glitter in the same shade to shape evocative accent manicure; alternatively, you can use the finish shiny enamels that are colored dark blue, eggplant purple, rust, marsala.


Since it is a long shape on the surface of the nail you can create different interpretations of the original nail art making geometric patterns, polka dots, floral patterns or applying glitter to the nail bed making his manicure quite luxury.

Ballerina nail long shape

Ballerina nail long shape

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