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Nov 3, 2015

Nail Art Trends in Pastel Colors By Hump Manicure 2016 2017

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Among the new nail art trends that are taking place in Italy in 2016, after having depopulated the web with great success both on Pinterest is on Instagram, the Hump manicure.

The Hump manicure advance is proclaimed as one of the most popular fashions, fanciful in view of the upcoming 2016.

Hump Manicure Nail Art Trends

To realize this special manicure must start from the use of the acrylic that allows to shape a convex form marked that exploits the form of a bubble. You can make different creative ideas by choosing this particular type of nail art trends, since after giving form to the specific form of bulging nails short and long, you can proceed to its completion with enamels in pastel colors, bare, fluorescent or dark and after giving a primer can also decorate manicure applying glitter and rhinestones or creating geometric patterns, stripes, floral patterns and backgrounds of polka dots.

The Hump manicure tip on an end result that captures the eyes of the people at first glance based on a whimsical allure.

Trendy nail 2016 nails Hump

Some guidelines

To achieve this special nai art trends must follow step by step guidelines for a procedure that guarantees a satisfactory end that offers a rounded effect that emphasizes the shape of the bubble. It must therefore low by the use of the technique of the acrylic with which to add material to create the curvature of the nail, by applying several layers of acrylic that must be molded to take the form of a visible bulge on the nail.

The advice to follow is to choose the length of the nail as a measure short and square so that we can exploit the bubble effect. To show off a manicure like this which is certainly not easy to bring her offbeat seen as flashy allure is best to opt for a polish soft and then experiment with other solutions if the Hump manicure satisfies their personal tastes.

The Hump manicure advance is proclaimed as one of the most popular fashions and imaginative for the forthcoming 2016. View nail art trends photos to better understand what it is.

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