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Jan 29, 2016

Multi Masking On Your Skin Type Different Masks On The Face

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Multi Masking in our face care routine of Japanese cosmetics. If you are looking for a new treatment, multi-masking may certainly seduce you.

Here we explain how it works!

When it comes to our skin, all the tips are good to take to have the most perfect skin possible. Luckily, a new trend is increasingly about her lately: the multi-masking. This new beauty routine is all the rage on social networks and certainly will be your next beauty routine.

Multi Masking

THE Multi-Masking, New Skincare Trendy

The principle? Ask different masks on the face. Masks are often of different colors, simply because each treatment is tailored to the needs of each face area. Thus, with a mask you can prevent the appearance of wrinkles on your forehead and another, you purify your T-zone Applied together, the different masks will be more effective than a basic mask. Positive results are guaranteed.

Specific care for each part of the face

Multi Masking in our face care routine of Japanese cosmetics

In the world of new beauty trend– #multimasking. Hundreds of girls have organized a kind of flash mob and spread in social networks so your photos under the hashtag. The pictures of the fair sex more like a clown, but, in fact, on their face just a few caring masks applied immediately.
The procedure allows us to give each site a person really care he needs. She even saves our time, and beauty-tools. First, for “multimaskinga” need only a small amount of product, and, secondly, about 10-15 minutes is required to wait until all three or four masks fill your skin with necessary nutrients.
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The multi-masking is a revolution in our face care routine. Depending on your skin type, it is for you to compose your own mask blends. If you have a skin that tends to shine, you can, for example, mixing a care anti-shine with an anti-aging treatment on the forehead. Depending on the needs of your skin, all mixtures are possible.

The first brand to have launched its own multi-masking kit is Boscia, a range of Japanese cosmetics. Dermatologists even claim that this new trend is quite sensible and logical, there is no concern therefore for your skin. Come now to make your own mixes!

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