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Nov 3, 2015

Makeup Trends Fall Winter 2016 2017: Glamorous Effect Rosacea

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Makeup trends in view of the cold season fall winter 2015-2016 begin to spread well in advance what will be the dictates popularity in the field of make-up and one of the most interesting ideas it suggests the effect glamor rosacea that is by donating on the cheeks of the soft brushstrokes to rejuvenate the appearance of redness.

Makeup Trends Fall Winter

Makeup Trends Fall Winter 2016 2017

The effect glamor rosacea is a special technique of makeup that can give a fresh allure and healthy on the face, and is mainly to enhance the natural blush caused on the skin of the face of women by the action of the cold winter. Starting from what could be a defect Michael Magnani, Global Senior Artist MAC, he has created a real beauty trends pointing originality, since the ultimate goal is to give to your skin a light and transparent basis which recreate a live pink effect that simulates the typical irritations caused by frost.

These effects of redness should focus on the nose and cheeks, and to be able to create it is advisable to apply a cream blush and then accentuate the color around the eyes to make the idea of the eye irritated, to thus enhance the look.

With emphasis dell’arrossamento circumscribed between the cheeks and eyes it will ensure a youthful appearance that brings freshness and youth to the skin.

To complete your winter look beauty in the name of the effect glamor rosacea is suggested to rely on a nude look sophisticated applying a lipstick on, or flesh-colored shades of pink, and you can make it look more intriguing outlining eyebrows so as to achieve a filling effect by applying a specific eyebrow pencil color close to the natural one, the finishing touch is finally passed in a generous mascara to be applied only on the upper lashes for a final effect vibrant but not too heavy.

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