Dec 16, 2018
Mar 9, 2016

Makeup Lips Blended with The Two-Toned Effect Lips

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Those who love to experience the latest fashions launched by makeup artists can show off the latest makeup lips trend two-toned lips with which to create a trick bicolor lips, painting the lips in two different colors for a soft color or sharper contrast.

Two-toned lips trendy makeup lips

This new trend beauty look is a more lively interpretation of the shadows lips technique, the gradient can be done by mixing two colors of different shades of lipstick or in contrasting colors, the two-tone effect may also be realized in different ways by proposing a style pop, or more romantic. Before applying makeup on the lips you should take care of starting with proper exfoliation lip preparing a biological scrub the beneficial action, later you can apply a moisturizing conditioner.

Makeup lips trendy two-toned lips effect

After preparing the lips you can proceed to apply makeup on the lips to achieve the two-tone effect by choosing different shades of lipstick, obtaining a natural final result, in which case you should opt on two complementary shades of lipsticks from proceeding with an application strategy that allows them to vary the most of the smoother appearance, experts suggest applying the lighter lipstick on the lower lip and darker shades on the upper ensuring a visually fuller effect . With the two-toned lips, trend can be played on a combination of pink and red, red and purple, mauve and burgundy, you can even dare to mix with effect characterized by red and silver, pink and gold but also with combinations of gloss and lipsticks opaque or glitter.

Two-toned lips make up lips

To avoid any burrs and accurately achieve the gradient effect is recommended to realize the two-toned lips by using a makeup brush and defining lip contour with a transparent pencil, the final touch for a long-lasting makeup is to buffer the color once the lipstick applied with a cloth and also with a brush using a veil of powder translucent.

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