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Jan 29, 2016

Makeup Foundation From CHANEL For Ever’s Best To Try [PHOTOS]

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Among the changes to the skin here is the foundation in 2016, from Chanel to Makeup For Ever’s best to try are all collected in this article and in particular in the gallery that we have prepared for you. Revolutionary products or large evergreen of internationally renowned brands, trying to meet the needs of every skin type, from the most sensitive, to those oily or acne-prone, to the mature skin in need of hydration and anti-wrinkle defect coverage at the same time.

Makeup Foundation From CHANEL For Ever's Best To Try


Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation second skin

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation second skin

As we said the foundation is a very important product because it forms the basis of our make-up and, therefore, must meet the exact needs of the skin, to ensure optimum life for the whole day.

The younger girls, but, in general, all the women who do not have skin problems or special needs to hide flaws, I can focus on light and natural foundation, which often do not even have a specific color, but they blend perfectly with the’ flesh smoothing, polishing and, in most cases illuminating.

Among these we remember, especially Chanel Vitalumiere, a revolutionary lightweight foundation that has just a second skin thanks to the light texture that blends with the original color complexion, Blemish Remedy BareMinerals is a mineral bottom instead powder to be applied with special brush that will give effect transparent coverage, ideal for uniform and not to hide.

Fresh Glow is the foundation Burberry designed precisely to give to your skin a fresh, natural look, while Defence Color Nude Serum BioNike has the same characteristics but with the addition of a strong anti-aging power and, therefore, perfect for mature skin as a light foundation to invisible effect is now fully the market, given the great demand, but, although it is very natural products, we must not overlook the basic steps for applying, in order to obtain a homogeneous result and naked at the right point.


Wet N Wild Cover All Cream Foundation total average coverage

Wet N Wild Cover All Cream Foundation total average coverage

In spite of those lucky enough not to have major defects to be covered there are those who must hide perfectly pimples, spots, blemishes and other small or big problems of the facial skin, which is why there are also opaque foundation that guarantees an effect ” new skin “, just as happens to the stars or to the faces of the models during photo shoots.

ULTRA HD Makeup for Ever won the Best of Beauty by Allure and won, then the place of honor among the super unifying funds and performing the season. Even the Cover All Cream Foundation of Wet n Wild is a great product that guarantees maximum defect coverage, not to mention Lancome Teint Visionnaire, a two in one that has a one side opaque super stick to the more obvious defects, and from ‘another a fluid to be applied with a sponge to standardize everything. Plus the foundation is opaque; more care must be taken to the basic rules for choosing the right one for your complexion, to avoid a horrible mask effect!

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