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Feb 23, 2016

Lilac Gray Triumphs Dresses, Makeup For Spring Summer Fashion Colors 2016

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Welcome the spring season with the institute style Pantone suggests trusting a neutral color such as lilac gray dresses, makeup, a color created by a refined mix between romantic shades such as lilac and the decision of gray.

Lilac Gray Triumphs Dresses, Makeup For Spring Summer Fashion Colors

Nuance convertible for feminine look and high-impact

The lilac gray can be chosen not only to renew your wardrobe for spring 2016, designers fact you are left enthralled by this convertible nuance more delicate shades of lilac with gray or on the prevalence of the sootiest solutions that see prevail instead the gray.

Lilac Gray Color Dresses For Spring Summer Fashion Trends

In addition, to clothing you can also choose the accessories in coordinated on the lilac gray tones for a feminine look and great visual impact, there are many brands that have declined bags and shoes in this trendy color; Also, this nuance goes well for accessories, the space thus to choker necklaces embellished with stones or pendants in this shade to match with pendants and bracelets earrings with decorative inserts in lilac gray.

Can also be used for make-up

Also to create a beauty look and sophistic magnetic proposal is this nuance with which it is possible to focus attention on the makeup of bright eyes through smokey eyes to realize with eye shadows and eye pencils on the lilac-gray tones.

Lilac Gray Makeup, Eyes makeup for spring summer

You can create different color interpretations of smokey eyes playing with this unprecedented nuances, combining different shades of lilac and gray from the contrasting finish can be made of particularly suggestive degradè effects; space to satin eyeshadows, matte, metallic to match a contrast to dampen and modulate the final effect with the aim to obtain unexpected nuances.

The make-up trends have welcomed this color with enthusiasm seen that with this nuance can propose eyes cheats who manage to emphasize is the clear eyes that dark ones to associate with nude lipsticks, mauve, purple or blacks or silver if you want to dare a bit’.

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