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Apr 15, 2016

La Perla Swimwear, Bikini, Intriguing Mood 2016 2017

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Latest La Perla swimwear, bikini collection for summer hot seasons 2016 2017. The La Perla swimwear collection of made by the brand for summer 2016 2017 pays tribute to a feminine style and sober starring bikini models classic cut in different trendy colors that alternate different swimsuits aesthetically modern and minimalist chic.

La Perla Swimwear, Bikini, featuring bra with cups or padding

Intriguing models from shades of vitamin

Among the most intriguing models presented by the brand is highlighting different models in two-piece declined in various interpretations from a timeless classic that is the Triangle Bikini, through various models with bandeau top and shorts with a high waist or in combination to slip to be connected to the sides, without giving up the bikini classic look featuring bra with cups or padding.

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The La Perla swimwear were designed in solid colors in shades of vitamins, declined in the printed version with stripes or patterns of flowers and leaves, even popping bikini models double face printed on one side and smooth on the other, there is no shortage of refined creations embellished with intriguing details such as crystals, sequins in matching tones, seductive transparencies, metallic fabrics.

La Perla swimwear for 2016 2017 summer offers original interpretations of the piece swimsuit with sparkling sequin applications, with seductive transparency, mesh inserts in the shoulder or version.

La Perla Swimwear, Bikini, featuring bra with cups or padding. -10

To this hot season, the brand offers the Dreamland pattern with a vintage style that recalls the 70’s proposing a deep neckline Front decorated with light golden crystals applications based on shades of blue, white and black. Stealing glances costume Cool Draping the shoulder cutting and transparent insert on its side and decoration of a large colorful peacock, the metallic details stand out on models Sirens and Mirage.

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The band has incorporated in its beachwear collection different trikini that resembles the shape of an anchor, between the different forms it highlights the model Anchor black, light gold and iron. Next to La Perla swimwear, costumes for the 2016 summer it offers several leaders in lightweight fabrics to complete the beach look, its caftans, light shirts, t-shirt to wear with the fit over pan ta palazzo.

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