Nov 20, 2018
Apr 5, 2016

Kiko Candy Nail Polish Online Enamels Spring 2016 2017

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Among the latest proposals that the Italian brand Kiko candy nail polish must report the new glazes of the line Candy Nails, Kiko candy nail polish limited edition consists of 4 different finishes for a total of 16 female and elegant colors with which to shape a manicure by sensational brightness.

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The collection is Kiko candy nail polish + glazes Spring 2016 2017 that open up to 4 different finishes can also combine with each other giving shape to the professional manicure and especially fashion.

Kiko Candy Nail Polish Online Enamels Spring

Aesthetically and functionally the enamels edition Kiko candy nail polish have a bottle with a rounded and transparent form that reveals the nuance, the cap has an ergonomic handle and a maxi brush for a smooth release of color. They are part of the 16 new shades the line Frozen Smoothies Nail Lacquer, with 4 enamel with fruity colors embellished with a bright shower of microparticles that give a three-dimensional effect; the colors chosen for this color range are declined on tons: Soft Candyfloss, Pink Ribbon, Fair Persimmon, Glossy Doughnut.

Enamels Kiko Candy Nail Polish Online Spring

Enamels Kiko Candy Nail Polish Online Spring 2016 2017

Turning to the thematic section Candy Sprinkles Nail Lacquer in it are placed 4 enamels from the matte finish and candy colors, this line is characterized by a three-dimensional finish offered by microparticles tone-on-tone matte effect; available colors fade in the following colors: Juicy Bubblegum, Cool Lilac, Green Sprinkles, Sweet Vanilla.

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The romance of the line features delicate pastels renamed Sugar Sparkles Nail Lacquer with enamels with microparticles thanks to a final glittery, declined to tons: Glittering Tea Rose, Berry Delight, Enchantment Blue, Water Symphony.

Enamels Kiko Nail Candy Spring 2016 2017

Enamels Kiko Nail Candy Spring

The brand Kiko completes its collection spring enamels with the series Candy Nail Canes Lacquer is the uniqueness of these four colors is the presence of micro and macro multicolor particle effect similar to precious crystals of different sizes, available in colors: Creamy Chiffon, Fun Guarana, Sparkling Aqua, Fizzy Peppermint.

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