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Jan 9, 2016

Kammi Shoes Fall Winter 2016 2017 Collection

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Kammi Shoes the autumn winter 2016 2017 is open to different interpretations with an eye for the main seasonal trends that see prevail models mannish style without giving up the most feminine creations by modern mood and decided.

In fact, the brand has designed a diverse range of models to suit the tastes of women inspired by the most interesting trends of the season.

Kammi shoes

Kammi shoes fall winter

Laced aesthetically aggressive and androgenic

A central role is reserved for shoes aesthetics androgenic and gritty, from lace available with flat or tip variant in versions with a few cm heel and platform sole with indented; are inspired by men’s shoes also amphibians black leather style glam rock, alongside monochrome models, are versions of the cap-toe with toe decorated by the application of metal studs; steal glances then the various models of Chelsea boots with high para patent leather or opaque inserts along the toe and heel, which is flanked by some ankle boots with cut-out strap up around the ankle.

The brand also offers various forms platform boots with heel striking balanced by the internal plateau, and it is echoed or flat models with lug sole version over knee, space then boots more feminine style riding.

Within the proposal does not go unnoticed various soled footwear creepers style bold in addition to the decorative stars along the upper.

Kammi Shoes Fall Winter 2016 Collection

In the Kammi shoes fall-winter 2016 2017 collection  find place of refined neckline to the tip of minimal chic design embellished with multicolor inserts that go to decorate the upper, follow different pumps a narrow point with stiletto heel covered with upper black or white, then stand versions with solid smooth patent leather, which are opposed models made of dull skin and forms platform with high heel and front plateau of nearly 15 cm.

The brand Kammi for the shoe collection autumn winter 2016 2017 has come up with a varied range of models to suit the tastes of women inspired by the most interesting trends of the season.

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