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Mar 30, 2016

17 Breaths For A Beautiful Japanese Tattoo History Between 1000 and 300 BC

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Japanese tattoo art is an integral part of Japanese culture. Japanese tattoo is inspired in Japan history between 1000 and 300 BC. It is believed the famous dragon tattoo! But the Japanese tattoo does not stop there: in its modern forms, it is rooted in pop culture.

The cherry blossom tattoo to tattoo kawaii,

On the Japanese archipelago, the history of tattooing dates back to the Ainu people who lived in Japan between 1000 and 300 BC. AD! Japanese tattoo is inspired a lot of tradition and the local mythology.

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17 breaths for a beautiful Japanese tattoo…

A tattoo of Japanese Landscape, a Temple Near a Waterfall Tattoo

A tattoo of Japanese Landscape, a Temple Near a Waterfall Tattoo

Traditionally, the Japanese tattoo, or irezumi, has a strong symbolic dimension.
It represents recurring images drawn from Japanese mythology, religion, folk literature and the fauna and local flora.

If we often associate the Japanese traditional tattoo motifs (geisha tattoo, dragon tattoo, samurai or cherry blossom), the Japanese tattoo is also the kawaii fashion !

Tattoo inspired cartoon Miyazaki very modern and graphic tattoo origami, the Japanese tattoo offers a multitude of possibilities!

Japanese tattoo sakura or cherry blossom

Among the best-known symbols of the Japanese tattoos face the cherry blossom tattoo, or sakura.

Each year, between late March and early April, the tradition, the Japanese celebrates the blossoming flowers meeting at big picnics (winning the sake) under the cherry trees.

Symbolically, these flowers represent life: so beautiful, but so delicate and ephemeral.
This pattern is ideal for an old-school tattoo and feminine with its touches of pale pink.

Us, we love the idea of the flowering branch that climbs along the coast!

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Japanese tattoo: origami

Originally from China, origami or the art of folding the paper quickly crossed the Sea of Japan to be adopted in the Japanese culture.

Today, the origami tattoo, very graphic, made followers among followers of micro-tattoos.

If the preferred pattern of Japanese origami crane Japanese tattoos is a symbol of eternal life, origami can take many forms.

Why not splurge on an origami tattoo Kitsune, fox from Japanese mythology which can have up to nine tails?

Japanese tattoo: Totoro and the world of Miyazaki

This is Hayao Miyazaki, the Japanese designer and director, which must, among others, My Neighbor Totoro , Howl’s Moving Castle , Grave of the Fireflies or Spirited Away .

So naturally, one can not mention the Japanese tattoos without mentioning inspired tattoos of the Miyazaki universe.

Among the most popular, the Totoro tattoos: a single black line or an ultra colorful version in the style of watercolor tattoo, the Totoro tattoo is our favorite!

Our selection of 17 Japanese Tattoos.

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