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Dec 15, 2015

How To Celebrate New Year 2016: How To Decorate the Table and What To Wear

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How to celebrate New Year 2016 will be held under the auspices of the Fire Monkey, and it is important to take into account the tastes and preferences of the unpredictable and capricious animal, to get his favor and that the next year was successful and happy.

How To Celebrate New Year

How to celebrate New Year Fire Monkey?

Try to choose the colors, corresponding colors, and symbols of the year: Christmas decorations and garlands of red, yellow, orange or gold. In contrast, you can add other decorative elements silver or green. Do not use the toys of blue and purple colors – they are not suited to the symbolism of this year. Monkey loves all bright and shiny, decorate the house with gold – ribbon, bows, balls, tinsel.

How to decorate a table for the New Year

New decorate the table with candles in beautiful elegant candlesticks, and the house – a sparkling colorful lights garland. The ideal supplement New Year’s table will be red cloth, red – the color is the main New Year’s Eve. Monkey loves sweets, sweeten her, and she, in turn, will make your life sweet in the New Year.

Chocolate, halva, candy, marshmallows, jellies, cakes, candies and, of course, delicious cake – that, without what your New Year’s table is not perfect. Treat offers households and delicious dish; cook an original dessert of fruit. To do this, just cut into pieces the flesh of pineapple, mango, kiwi, grapes, bananas, peaches, add pomegranate seeds (all favorite fruit) and pour the yogurt all. You can surprise everyone this unusual feeding dishes.

Orange, grapefruit or pineapple should be divided into two parts, to clean out the pulp, but it turned out to fill the bowls chopped fruit and berries, bathed in yogurt. There is nothing more delicious and easy you probably have not tried. A fiery year and loves tapas, so feel free to indulge in pepper, garlic, spices, and seasonings.

How to celebrate New Year 2016?

To the inhabitant of the evergreen jungle feel at home, use plenty of greenery to decorate the Christmas dishes. Also, for the decoration of Christmas dishes and delicacies, you can use corn, olives, green peas, boiled vegetables, and eggs. From greasy and heavy foods should be avoided. But if you find it hard to give up meat, better to choose red meats. When choosing the best products to use flame-red coloring (tomatoes, red peppers, carrots, beets, red fish, eggs and so on. D.). Monkeys love to enjoy themselves, so it will not be superfluous to decorate the table the figure of a monkey, as a simple beam of green (or the top of the pineapple), you can safely build her palm.

What to wear on New Year’s Fire Monkey

In the New Year’s Eve can safely dress up to the nines, because as the New Year meet, so spend it. Indulge in luxurious expensive dress or a suit, do not neglect jewelry, expensive watches, and expensive shoes. Choose a suit / dress, where you will be comfortable because the New Year involves constant movement, dancing, contests and so on. Fun. Hostess 2016 partial to bright fiery shades and colors, and if you also like the color red, then go ahead and wear bright screaming red dress (and men can boldly wear red shirts).

Then you notice the monkey and generously reward in 2016.

  1. Aries need to choose her outfit of beautiful silk. As for color, it is better to something red, orange (fire).
  2. Taurus should turn its attention to accessories. Dress or suit can be quite simple, but do not skimp on the bright flashy accessories.
  3. Twins have to decorate your image something pair, such as bracelets. Although a pair of beautiful shoes or earrings may also suffice.
  4. Cancers need to decorate your Christmas image of a beautiful mask.
  5. Lions New Year’s Eve can shine as the representatives of the royal family – decorate your head a crown or tiara and shines all night.
  6. Virgo should pay attention to a beautiful dress. Your image should be romantic and affectionate.
  7. Libra can and should be put on the fur or fur-trimmed clothing. But do not overdo it, to go home in a fur coat is not necessary, you can get accessories, adorned with fur, or knitted stole.
  8. Scorpios can safely choose the outrageous fashions, for example, a dress with a deep neckline, sexy cut, short dress or a mini skirt. A great time to show off scorpions.
  9. Archers must choose a comfortable outfit, in which they will feel comfortable and confident.
  10. Aquarius can use all the advantages of shiny fabrics and Lurex. You can easily shine in a bright dress, skirt or shirt. If you love sequins – the New Year is the day, when you can easily show off a dress.
  11. Pisces can decorate your head hat, crown, or any other decoration.
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