Nov 13, 2018
Jan 13, 2016

Here Is The Best Technique For A Successful Contouring!

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You thought you had toured the contouring and strobing techniques to sculpt your face? Nay, a beauty Youtubeuse just released a new tutorial unusual beauty: this time, it uses tape!

Best Technique For A Successful Contouring

Ready to raid the office supply radius?

To add some light to your face and get glowy complexion as desired, nothing beats the strobing.

If you prefer to sculpt your face to refine it (have a finer nose, dig your cheeks to bring out your cheekbones), then the contouring is more suitable!

It is also necessary to know which technique to adopt, because since Kim Kardashian and beautystas sunbathing and apply on face illuminator, tutorials dozens contouring flourished on the Internet.

A tutorial will tape you …

The last date for applying technology in her tan accurately?

And yes, the Youtubeuse Huda Beauty achieved a short video on Instagram, in which she shows how to paste multiple strips of tape on her face, before applying bronzer and concealer.

After gently removed strips of tape, the young woman disappears all with care and unveils zero defect face and perfectly defined.

In fact, we already knew the technique of tape to be a beautiful eye makeup and apply her eyeliner without burrs.

But can we really reuse this technique to the entire face?
Huda Beauty itself says in her video on eye makeup to tape, adhesive tapes (even when they have lost their tack) draining hydration your skin, besides wrinkles can form on the treated areas.

So naturally, we did not really want to reproduce this tutorial large scale across our face …

And if instead was testing the Clown Contouring or Christmas Contour?

>>> For the most courageous, you attempt this technique?

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