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Dec 7, 2015

Hairstyles Trend With Face Shape Bangs In Different Swag Hairstyle

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Hairstyles trend 2016 2017 with bangs meet stages, one could think of Charlie’s Angels and sees the hairstyles trend for 2016:

The Swag is here or you look in the future which celebrities already wearing the trend hairstyle, which she is and how we design them.

While the bangs fall to lush bangs forward in the face and as a cuddly curtain heart’s face, the rest of the mane is draped in untamed, feathery waves. The Swag plays according to her own rules. And that’s what makes him so appealing. And not without reason the most important hairstyles trend of 2016.

Hairstyles Trend Everyone loves the Swag Hairstyle

Hairstyles Trend Everyone loves the Swag Hairstyle

The Swag Hairstyles Trend: An update of the Shags

Behind the trend Vocabulary “Swag” actually hides a classic shag hairstyle. So a layered cut with a lush pony. That the new version of the shag hairstyle is worn in natural waves and light, gives it the title Swingy Shag or short: Swag. Swag inventor and celebrity stylist Sunnie Brook explains the hairstyles trend so: ( Editor’s note “All these Lobs Long Bob) and long mermaid waves to get a good oomph! I call it the “swag” (a swingy Shag) – long stages and eye-catching fringe which have different lengths, depending on the face shape. The key is a lot of texture that was cut with a razor and movement in the hair. Think of Patti Smith or Freja Beha Erichson “.

Who is the Swag?

Here comes the next good news: The Swag loves all. Really any face shape can wear the new hairstyle trend. Even for round faces which do not benefit from lush ponies often having Swag a solution: Here you wear the bangs just something oblique and even the overall concept fits again. Some sensitivity is only at very thin hair asked. Here the pony should not matter too much the hair, otherwise it will too much rob the remaining hair on volume. The trick with the oblique bangs works well here. For a side falling Pony Cut less hair is needed. And the look still looks like enough bangs.

So Swag works haircut

In order for the Swag working on really, the cut is the most important requirement. The hairdresser works at the steps for Swag always with a knife or thinning. Ideally, cut in dry hair in order to assess the case, the strands under real conditions and steer can.

Clean lines or exact steps are the Swag nil. Rather, there is a swag coiffure of so many gradations that no clear dividing lines, but a can end by and marvel through stepped result. The bangs should thereby be somewhat lush and longer towards the sides.

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