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Dec 15, 2015

Gray-Blue Hairstyles Trends Fall Winter 2016 2017

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Another coloring effect proposed for winter 2016 2017 is the gray-blue hair or gray hair with shades of blue faded that best express they’re potential her hair long or medium.

It is a hair color that is influenced by the world of fairy princess Franzen of lights sidereal that are deposited on snow-covered landscapes, creating a chromatic unexpected.


Grey Blue Hair Color Winter 2016 2017

Nuance great-looking suits all women

The trend originated in Paris, where gradually the gray color blue has established itself as a glamorous trend also able to go beyond national boundaries taking place throughout Europe, reaching between the color mode in which the most original show off a look of great visual impact.

Grey Blue Hair Color Winter In Paris

This shade can be chosen either by younger women that those more mature, especially by those who have a natural gray base that is then ready to accept the blue hues can deploy strategically across for a merger between the two colors.

Starting with the color combination of gray and blue hues can create nuances dominated by striking contrasts degrade starting with the gray shading in the area of the tips in a blue, to get a particularly glossy effect would be appropriate from a bright silver base rather tending towards White, you can then opt for a gray ash, a multi-faceted silver or gray for darker blacks with reflections.

2016 2017 Grey blue hair color Ideas By professional hairdresser

2016 2017 Grey blue hair color Ideas By professional hairdresser

Thanks to the loving hands of a hairdresser by profession you can get a perfect gray-blue hair since it is a dual resulting color proceeding by step: first you need to bleach their hair and then you can proceed with the ‘application of a product from’ effect rifles ante be distributed on some areas and strands so to get a hair femme fatale projected into reality from the world of fairy tales.

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