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Nov 17, 2015

Gold Cosmetics 3 Mask With Bio-Gold Eyes And A Gel Mask

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What will be discussed today on Gold cosmetics?

Gold cosmetics are still relevant today, so I bought myself different gold masks and mask-lobes. Of course, an ordinary woman’s joy – facials Only ordinary mask I have not much interest, so I want to delve into a little facial masks of gold. Namely fabric mask with bio-gold Golden Collagen Mask From Vanessa, gel masks slices with bio-gold eyes and a gel mask Luxury Gem Gold 24K Mask Tony Moly.

Now I have a few options at hand face masks with gold, about the value of each I write below. I’ll try to briefly describe each.

Gold Cosmetics

Gold Cosmetics

The makeup is usually added bio-gold, that is, the molecules of Gold cosmetics, and the n-ked eye can not see them. Bio-Gold is not as expensive as usual. Therefore, if you are offered a mask of gold for 7000 and to your question

“Why is it so expensive?”

Seller haughtily replies, “Well, what do you want? This is pure Gold cosmetics! “- Turn around and leave. Hardly an ordinary gold will have some rejuvenating effect. It is better to buy gold earrings afford the money – if the mood improve :)))

Masks slices under the eyes with bio-gold, honestly I have bought in the store Chinese products on Gogol. Mask these noneym, that is nameless, but what do you want for 160 rubles?)

I was just amused by the fact that the slices of the golden color. Manufacturer seemed to hint that they are entirely of gold.

As a part of, not in last place, given Gold cosmetics, this is strange as it should be written Bio-gold, because gold is customary in cosmetics is not added. So I feel a dirty trick.

At the touch of cloves and soft gel like gelatin.

In general, I washed her face; put the cool slices under eyes.

Pleasant sensations Gold cosmetics

The plastic bag was liquid in which the slices were her I, too, was applied to the face.

But after a few minutes slices begin to dry and slightly pull the skin. As a result, they become very thin and wrinkled as if your skin gave all their vitality.

After 20 minutes, slices begin to pull the skin is no longer a joke. Half an hour later, when I took them off, I saw an unpleasant picture: on the very few lobule has wrinkles (you can see in the pictures at the top) and the same lines were on my skin! This was unexpected, that is, the mask not only removes

Did not see any effect of the contraction of the skin and I do not like it, it can only increase the number of facial wrinkles. So I put 3 out of 5.

From Golden Collagen Mask Vanessa – it is a full face mask, and not just under the eye. I ordered a set of masks on the Internet – 3 mask with bio-gold from From Vanessa cost me 1200 with the delivery (here).

In the mask structure good Water, collagen, organic gold, epidermal growth factor (a protein that stimulates cell growth). Yet it has a pearl powder, retinol, vitamin E. In general, the composition of which it is necessary that this mask was effective.

Mask of a two-phase, so there is an extra bag with a composition to be applied after the mask. And here I was surprised, because it consists of a mixture of ceramides, bio gold collagen gialuronka, vitamins E, C, B12 and glacier water. Stunned, for 400 rubles a fortune.

As is usual in such cases, the liquid is enough for two times.

At the very mask shows no signs of gold – the usual cloth mask with neck. The smell of her neutral, pleasant.

After the mask face was a bit sticky, so I washed my face and caused part of the second bag. It tingled a little, but there was no discomfort, and immediately after absorbing a sense of hydration. I think that the effect of the mask can not be expected immediately, so I evaluated the next day. It seemed to me that the skin looked very fresh and healthy, more relaxed mimic mesh around the eyes and between the eyebrows.

It turns out that my 3 masks will last for 6 times, that is, the full course. Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mask of gold from Moly Tony - Luxury Gem 24K Gold Mask

Mask of gold from Moly Tony – Luxury Gem 24K Gold Mask. Of course, I could not ignore the Korean mask with gold, especially in such a stylized packaging for gold bullion. I bought in the Gallery in the official store Tony Moly. It costs 1290 rubles per 100 ml. It’s a little different format – a gel mask in a tube. As far as I understood, this mask does not consist of colloidal gold, but also of mucus snail caviar extract. That does not sound very much, but they say it is useful. In general, the composition of the Korean, so sorry, nothing more I can say.

The very mask bright gold color with sparkles. Once it is clear that there is added a conventional Schiemer. Consumed sparingly mask (I think that it is enough time 10-15), applied to the skin with a thin layer easily. The person I once was like Chinese – yellow :))) I liked that wash off the mask after the skin was absolutely no tension and not dry, contrary to the touch seemed very saturated with moisture. But most have no effect, I never saw her. Still, I was very confused; I did not find the staff in Russian. The rating of 3.5 out of 5.

Well, make your conclusions yourself. It turned out to be the coolest ordered Mask From Vanessa, but the other two I was not impressed, especially disappointed gel mask by Tony Moly.

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