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Dec 7, 2015

Fendi Shoes Fall Winter 2016 2017 Collection Sandals, Flatter, Boots

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The Fendi shoes made for the cold season includes some interesting ideas which flatter a wide range of fashionistas always looking for models rich in personality and aesthetics that does not go unnoticed.

Among the ranks of Fendi shoes for the autumn winter 2015-2016 will highlight the creations by the usual eccentric style and chic, to coordinate with bags line Bag Bugs characterized by surface decorated with patchwork inserts that go to draw the classical reason with eyes and tuft in colored fur.

Taking inspiration from this ethnic lively mood suggests the Italian fashion house shoes animated by the same lively style.

Fendi Shoes

Fendi Shoes, Sandals, Shoes Fall winter, Boots

Fendi shoes fall winter 2016 2017 collection

Footwear feminine and sensual, but also luxurious creations

These are boots that reveal a great personality who oppose more feminine footwear such as sandals, neckline jewel and suede that open to a variety of colors.

Taking a look at the boots are put on display different interpretations chic quality materials, together with the round tip and the heel off, alongside models made of dull skin smooth meet variations in suede, with regard to the choice of colors triumph classic colors like black, blue and beige, sprouting also different models of leather boots with stiletto heel to give a touch of sensuality to the shoe.

Space on the boots with solid structure detail made by combining, the panels or focusing on the smooth surface on which imposes multicolor profiles, helping to create attractive color solutions.

There are also the most luxurious creations and in fact the house includes in its line of winter boots with heels sculpture: to snatch the most attention are the ankle boots with heel sculpture with upper contrast, follow the interpretations patterned camouflage especially rewarding tones Black.

The collection presented by Fendi shoes winter leaves great visibility in various sporty shoes taking the forms of sneakers high lace-up suede inserts bicolor rolled in line with the fashion trends of the period.

Taking inspiration from the vibrant mood ethnic Italian fashion house, for the ‘fall-winter 2016 2017 suggests footwear animated by lively style, characterized by the surface decorated with patchwork inserts that go to draw the classic pattern with colored eyes and tuft of fur.

Look at the Fendi shoes pictures.

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