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Mar 19, 2016

Fashion Handbags Space for Graphic Handbags in Elements Derived from Modern Spring Summer 2016 2017

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There are several fashion handbags brands that have entered in their summer collections shopper models, fashion handbags, shoulder bags, tote, trunks flooded with graphic prints and glamorous details that will complement the shape of accessories from the jaunty and ladylike mood.Fashion Handbags Space for Graphic Handbags in Elements Derived from Modern Spring Summer

Among the fashion handbags trends spring summer 2016 2017 bags prints and triumph fantasies of different models offered in seasonal fashion handbags collections of the vast majority of the brand and one of the most popular thematic motifs stand out the graphic elements.

Creative Expression Inspired by Modern Art Fashion Handbags

Modern art, geometric pattern, the optical effect are the source of inspiration chosen by designers to give shape to the original and multicolored creations that celebrate the full expression of creativity as a stylistic feature that guarantees a unique style, thus rewarding an ‘aesthetic of great visual impact characterized by a kaleidoscope of colors.

Besides the pursuit of models from classical paths optical print in black & white you can choose the animated lines and geometric forms solutions in pastel colors, or sorbet, also allows for models from glitter or metallic finish that welcome drawings writers style, or the essential geometric patterns.

Among the coolest fashion handbags trends suggested for the hot season there are also refined graphic elements created through the application of multi-colored beads on the entire surface of sophisticated models such as clutch or clutches, in fact, this leitmotif has influenced every type of bag, ranging from models conceived for the day and those proposed for the evening.

Among the winning combinations exploited by different fashion handbags brands, there are those that see as protagonists the reptile print and graphic elements declined in a palette of warm tones that rewards, or the mix of neon and metallic iridescence brushstrokes, space too far and decorated models off by triangular graphics, backgrounds circles full or empty, some models have also been designed with gridded surface in contrasting color or with checkered black and white.

Creative expression inspired by modern art is what characterizes most of the proposals handbags for spring summer 2016 2017 season.

From the abstract graphic design prints with stylized floral decorations, the ‘visual impact is really secured.

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