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Dec 18, 2015

Fashion Dresses By Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2016-2017

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Fashion Dresses By Elisabetta Franchi 2015-2016 Fall Winter Collection

The charm of the oriental culture characterizes the clothing line fall winter 2015-2016 presented by the fashion house Elisabetta Franchi pointing of refined aesthetics and feminine embellished with fashion details including jewel details and the typical colors like cobalt blue and red that invades especially sophisticated clothes and coordinated evening.

Fashion Dresses By Elisabetta Franchi Collection

The influence of oriental matrix is evident since the clothes-shaped kimono, coming up to the thigh or are declined in midi length, made of silk and satin with a shaded white or blue with satin belts that emphasize the waist, follow variations plain or decorated with contrast that run the entire surface.

A breath of the East is also noticeable in the choice of the prints made by Elisabetta Franchi who proposed a wide range of long dresses designed asymmetrical cut shorter in the front than the back.

Space then different models of mini-dress featuring a pleated skirt with printed surface with pattern or theme eastern decorated with contrasting applications in different shades of red.

Fashion Dresses By Elisabetta Franchi

Fall Winter Fashion Dresses By Elisabetta Franchi

The Fashion Dresses By Elisabetta Franchi fall-winter 2015-2016 fashion collection, the Italian brand also has a varied section for complete split, which are a good example of the coordinated formats in total red pencil skirts and long sleeves, between the most complete female proposed by brand Elizabeth Franks there are some heads mesh that shape different patterns of coordinated but also of women’s clothes and trendy who allow themselves to be flattered by intriguing with decorative mesh inserts that create transparent effects that reveal the legs. Among the solutions you cheeky showcase different jumpsuit interpreted in a chic with elegant corsages on which stand out inserts and jewel lights chic allure.

Elisabetta Franchi clothing catalog autumn 2016-winter 2016: PHOTOS

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