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Jan 29, 2016

Facial Massage To Relax and Smooth Wrinkles of Expression

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Eye Makeup Tips
Eye Makeup Tips 

Facial massage besides using beauty products suitable for treating the skin, making it radiant and smooth, to relax the features they also recommend exercises and massages targeted that act to smooth out facial lines.

After the ritual cleansing of the face, it would be appropriate to massage the skin to keep toned facial muscles and thus relax the wrinkles of expression that tend to form at the level of eyes and mouth also can reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Circular motions to drain and deflate facial massage

Facial massage starting from the application of a moisturizing fluid cream can proceed with the execution of circular movements from the base of the nose and then focused in the area under the lower eyelids to the temples, it may want to repeat the circular motion starting from base of the nose of performing massage on the forehead along l’arcata eyebrow, still coming to her temples.

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To deflate and drain the eye can then perform a massage needs to reactivate the microcirculation of blood and lymph, applying a moisturizer is good to move the index and middle under the eye by performing slight movements, starting first in one eye and then move to ‘another. To stimulate the flow of blood to the surface of the face you can pinch the skin of performing minor pinches until their skin is slightly pink, repeating the action several times.

Beauty massages for a facial tonic targeted that act to smooth out facial lines

Beauty massages for a facial tonic targeted that act to smooth out facial lines

Facial massage grimaces to tone and firm

To tone and firm the muscles and tissues of the lower face and neck muscle contractions can be performed by running small facial grimaces, it may be useful to tighten the teeth, with lips closed and doing the forced smiles jerky, repeating several Sometimes the execution of the face; later we have to change the face always smiling forcibly, but opening up the lips as if you were to pronounce a long and, until you feel that your neck muscles pull a little ‘.

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