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Mar 17, 2016

Faby Nail Polish, Joyful Colors Nail Polish Enamels Spring Summer 2016 2017

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Faby nail polish to show off by energetic and nail polish joyful colors, the brand Faby has presented the nail polish collection spring summer 2016 2017 glazes entitled Joy suggesting a wide color range can reveal different emotions and feelings such as hope, happiness, friendship, love, serenity.

Faby Joy Nail Polish Enamels Spring Summer, Manicure

Enamels Faby Nail Polish spring summer collection

The color palette chosen by the Italian brand includes well 12 pastel shades that embrace the nuances of the sky, flowers, and fruit, by relying on a biological formulation that enables nail polish Faby to prove valuable allies of the environment, the composition is, in fact, no toluene, formaldehyde, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin and cruelty free.

Faby in the brand collection Joy enamels are presented as follows:

Young Emotion, on sunny colors of yellow lime, is the need to break free from the constraints and inhibitions

The Parfume of the Soul, sparkling green, evoking a sense of optimism and self-confidence

Faby Nail Polish, Joyful Colors Nail Polish Enamels Spring Summer

Life Is Beautiful, a soft shade of turquoise, the color of friendship

Joy City, the heavenly full symbolizing a special form of love, the eternal deeply attached to loyalty

Let’s Dance, a floral nuances reminiscent of the blue cornflower, inspired by friendship and happiness

A Night on 101, a fine sapphire from the sparkling finish, to symbolize intuition and serenity

Hug Me Faby, on cyclamen tones, suggesting a female manicure which is the mouthpiece of the prestigious sense

Imagine, orchid-colored to symbolize the beauty and sensuality, a shade with which to realize a nail art romantic and refined

Faby Nail, Joyful Colors Nail Polish Enamels

Tapis De Fleur, deep pink, a color chosen to express the gratitude for life

Friend Forever, on intense shades of pomegranate, hoping so lucky
Shopping in Camden Town, pink coral which gives the nails a color capable of giving strength

#Irony, Peach roses, to communicate the human capacity to give and receive love in all its forms.

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