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Nov 10, 2015

Bushy Eyebrows Fall Winter 2016 2017 Mannish Style Trend

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Unique eyebrows look for fall winter 2016 2017…

In view of the winter beauty tips suggested by make up artist invite women to a more natural look for a beauty look that reveals a more aggressive personality and decided to adapt to the features of their face by not giving too contrived to draw a shape.

Among the most eye-catching fashions suggested for the autumn winter 2015-2016 states the main trend also regarding the beauty look with the protagonists of the eyebrows bushier left natural, so as to be defined and not too girly.

Beauty Trends Fall Winter Mannish Eyebrows

Bushy Eyebrows Look In Mannish Style

Emulating the eyebrows of men, you can outline a look intriguing from the solid line in order to frame the eye naturally focusing on the progress of the arch eyebrows to appear still clean, so it is necessary to remove the hairs that grow out of the line natural and that make the stretch more dirt. With little work of tweezers so you can create a shape defined only by eliminating some superfluous without Peletto then overstretch the natural appearance of the arch of the eyebrows, so compared to past seasons are witnessing a sea change and strive for a look more sober and androgen that focuses on a gritty look.

Mannish Eyebrows Beauty trends fall winter 2016

Bushy eyebrows to plumping action


Even those who have thick eyebrows can opt for a form as natural as possible in the course of the season autumn-winter 2015-2016, so those who have thick eyebrows can provide for the filling of the arch eyebrows with small pencil strokes by choosing a shade close to its natural color to blend well for a soft effect as much as possible, it is specific eyebrow pencils texture in cream by the action riempitiva specifically formulated to fill sparse eyebrows avoiding an artificial effect. Alternatively you can use eye shadow for more defined eyebrows and filling, you can also test the mascara for eyebrows to put them in order as a final touch.

Among the most eye-catching fashions suggested for the autumn winter 2015-2016 states the main trend that features the eyebrows bushier left natural.

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