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Mar 25, 2016

Gucci and Dionysus Of The Handbags Collection Spring Summer 2016 2017

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Gucci handbags recover some of the must-have of the famous brand with this particular collection for spring summer 2016 2017. The Dionysus by bucolic grounds and the bright colors will be trendy in hot weather.

Handbags, Spring Summer Handbags, Dionysus, Gucci-01

The designers Alessandro Michele has created for Gucci bags of really innovative models, but skillfully embody the old style of Gucci, which is increasingly blurred in the collections of recent years. Gucci raises delicious shoulder bags with floral themes, and animals and include them in this new collection spring – summer 2016 2017 under the name of Dionysus.

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It is GG fabric handbags supreme based on a beige background – ebony, adorned with prints flowers multicolor who know how to get noticed. The whole course is completed by the repetition of the two letters of the brand, from the tiger-head fasteners and straps from sliding chain: this detail allows the bag to be worn even by hand depending on the occasion.

Dionysus Gucci handbags collection spring – summer 2016 2017

Among the models proposed by Gucci, that best embody the style adopted by the fashion house for 2016 2017, there is the embroidered bag on the Supreme GG fabric, featuring a tiger head closure, related to the myth of the greek god Dionysus, who found himself cross the Tigris river in the back of a tiger that had been sent by Zeus: this legend Gucci took inspiration for the design of the accessories and the name of the line. The bag in question is adorned with a silk brass wire wrapped and some inserts, including a snake and a bee, expertly hand-embroidered.Handbags, Spring Summer Handbags, Dionysus, Gucci-01

In this spring – summer 2016 2017 also stand out the arabesque motifs, such as those of this bag on a beige background in GG Supreme tissue, which includes a delicious embossed effect, embellished with finished in antiqued silver and inevitable closure tiger’s head.

Dionysus Gucci handbags collection spring – summer 2016 2017Handbags, Spring Summer Handbags, Dionysus, Gucci-01

And what about the models that embody even more so the wild style of this hot season in 2016 2017? Among them is delicious the bag on a beige background – ebony, embellished with floral inserts and paintings shrubs. The accessory has been obtained by an environmentally friendly process and realized with side’s suede -colored mud.

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Has its own special because even the shoulder bag in emerald green hue / bottle, with a very original Blooms press and a locking head of the tiger. This model possesses a brilliant chain, suitable to be carried on the shoulder or by hand. The accessory has been designed by the fashion house of Gucci with a cotton lining and natural linen and is even customizable, by adding the initial purchaser, to create a truly unique item.

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