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How Do Anti-Cellulite Massage At Home In 6 Techniques and rules

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Cellulite massage at home

The most popular method of treating cellulite is massage. Cellulite massage is recommended to be executed by a professional mase Roza so you get maximum effect in a shorter period of time. However, if you do not trust anyone but yourself, you have no money or temporarily, you can do at home cellulite massage sessions.

Homemade cellulite massage is recommended to be done in the morning, after exercise. This is a fairly simple procedure and each time, the movements of your hands will run better and more efficiently.

Cellulite Massage

How does anti-cellulite massage? – Techniques and rules

1. The maximum effect of cellulite massage will be achieved only when conducted regularly. The minimum set of messages for those who want to get rid of cellulite is 12 procedures performed in a day, with a break for 3-4 days between sessions and then again the same set of sessions. Cellulite massage is recommended to be done only rarely those who have already achieved the desired result and just keep their body in shape.

2. Tests have shown that homemade anti-cellulite massage must be done in the morning before breakfast, lasting about 30 minutes. It is good morning because during the day you move actively and the effect will be good without any additional procedures. While massage should be performed in the evening followed by cellulite wraps, cellulite actions that have maximum results.

3. home and salon, massage cellulite must occur after standard technologies. This is essential not only quality massage, and health. Cellulite massage begins with steaming skin (in a domestic problem areas can be scrubbed with a hot towel), after which the skin is clean, apply an emollient cream, massage oil or liquid honey massage and pass itself.

4. A very important moment in making cellulite massage movements are. Remember a few moments, you will need to follow. The first – anti-cellulite massage is performed strictly according pressed clockwise. Against clockwise, only light. The second time – when working with the legs and thighs, do not forget the sequence of movements. The lower part of the thigh should be massaged upwards, and the outside – from the top down. The buttocks will table the better circular motion from the center to the sides, then bottom up.

5. Remember that homemade anti-cellulite massage will not have the desired effect if you focus on only one problem areas, such as the buttocks. Skip gradually knee bzinului area.

6. homemade cellulite massage intensity also plays an important role. Cellulite will not disappear so easily, and to get rid of cellulite, cellulite massage should be done vigorously, without interruption, to not let the muscles cool and only after that we can talk about a real lifting effect.

For a deeper action on the muscles and skin, use accessories such as special massage brush or massage sleeves. Very effective in the fight against cellulite and suckers cellulite massage.

Another method is very famous lately hydro, which acts on tissues using water jet. Experts believe that hydro is the most gentle method of acting on the skin, allowing deep processing of tissues and muscles without leaving bruises and stretch marks.

Cellulite massage acts on your body in many ways. It increases blood flow to problem areas, resulting in toxins and fats are broken down and eliminated from the body, it improves the supply of oxygen to tissues, reduces body volume. The skin becomes smooth and elastic.

A very important component of cellulite massage is not to forget massage oil or cream. You can get to achieve great results using massage and natural honey. A strong anti-cellulite effect they have and essential oils of citrus, rosemary, coffee grounds, sea salt tincture of chilli or ginger powder. Just add one of these items in a massage cream.

It is important to know that during the massage, your body get rid of toxins, so it is recommended to help her to eliminate as quickly is harmful to your body. Drink after meeting a cup of green tea or herbal tea, and also follow the diet cellulite.

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