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Nov 10, 2015

Cellulite Diet Before and After By Eating Products

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Cellulite diet to get rid of cellulite permanently is needed first of all to pay attention to your diet. Even if you regularly wrap cellulite massage, exercise, by eating products “unhealthy” cellulite will reappear.

Cellulite is toxins and accumulated fats in our body. With the help of good nutrition can permanently eliminate cellulite and detoxify the body.

Cellulite diet does not mean starving yourself or eating food and after a certain regimen. If you’re struggling with severe diets to lose weight fast, you get rid of extra pounds, and will become even more visible cellulite.

Cellulite Diet

Loosen in a short period of time: your body will regain weight quickly Previous and connective tissue will stretch and then hang.

Nutrition cell must be very balanced. The body does not have to lack micronutrients and essential vitamins, protein – this is material for the development of skin cells healthy and elastic. That is why it is not rational to not eat healthy foods.

Following friends’ advice not to try a new natural herbal tea that is fashionable and that will help you lose weight, or pills for internal use. Their main effect is laxative and diuretic. Prolonged consumption can damage your health.

Cellulite Diet Plan and Exercise

Food cellulite diet

01. Red dry wine improves blood circulation, remove toxins from the body. Do not drink in excess, no more than 100 ml per day.

02. Eat rich foods in potassium. Cali will remove excess fluid from tissues, resulting in the skin becomes more elastic and firm. It is contained in bread, dried fruits, vegetables, bananas, oranges, milk.

03. A large part of your diet should include fruits and vegetables. They will improve metabolism, promotes fat melting, remove toxins from the body. It is better to eat the night an orange or an apple, your body will clean at night.

Eat fruit stomach empty. This will reduce hunger and you will give intestines fibers necessary for normal functioning.

04. Vitamin E regenerates the skin, making it more elastic and improves blood circulation. The vitamin is contained in the following products: eggs, vegetable oil – olive, flax.

05. Sea kale and seafood contain antioxidants and minerals that increase skin elasticity, helps eliminate toxins.

06. Fresh juices of vegetables and fruits will help to melt fat deposits. Drink a glass of juice a day on an empty stomach or between meals.

07. Drink plenty of fluids. This can be plain water or green tea without sugar. Clean water efficiently your body. It is very important to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach.

08. Oatmeal is rich in fiber and micronutrients. It improves digestion, metabolism, cleanse the body and strengthens the skin. Eat the breakfast porridge or dinner with fruit, nuts, honey, raisins etc.

09. Drink fresh aloe vera juice daily – 15 drops. Aloe vera will cleanse your body of waste and toxins, improve the performance intestine or.

10. Do not eat after six o’clock. All food consumed night will be deposited in the form of extra kg and cellulite. To quench hunger, drink water or green tea you can eat porridge or muesli few tablespoons, or a fruit choice.

Products that cause cellulite

01. Smoking and alcohol speeds up the aging process of the skin destroy vitamin C contributes to cellulite. In the list of banned products include beer, sparkling wine and various alcoholic cocktails.

02. Food spicy and salty retain excess water in the body. As a result, edema on the face and body, cellulite cell growth. So out of the fridge everything we need, ie products that promote the appearance of cellulite: salty foods, pickled, canned, smoked meat and fish, chips etc.

03. Limit consumption of fatty and sweet foods, they contribute to the growth of fat cells. And of course, do not overeat!

04. the street you should avoid drinking coffee and tea powder. These drinks can cause water retention in the tissues. Natural ground coffee is recommended to be consumed in small quantities, no more than 1 cup per day in the first half of the day.

Conclusion: Cellulite Diet is a fair and balanced consumption of food that is rich in fruits and vegetables, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

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