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Feb 25, 2016

Braids Hairstyles with Combing Braids Boxer for Spring Summer 2016 2017

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Among the Braids hairstyles of greater tendency in view of the 2016 2017 hot season braids boxer assert themselves among the hairstyles to be copied during the summer for a rakish and sporty look.

Braids Hairstyles with Combing braids boxer for Spring Summer

These Braids hairstyles has had a successful run on fashion runways in the last New York Fashion Week, featuring a large number of looks, marked by an urban style with great appeal.

After being launched on the catwalks the boxer style braids were accepted by a large number of star enthusiastically giving shape to various fashion declinations of this type of crop characterized by a tight weave that starts from the roots, styling can also be experienced in version double and multiple plaits starting from the roots and then run along the back of her head.

The braids are inspired by the boxer ghetto style suggesting a gritty look but at the same time versatile to adapt to different beauty look, from the most sporting to the more urban, without giving up the most chic solutions and female to be awarded a make-up in a coordinated.

how to do a boxer braid Hairstyling Hair Spring Summer hair

In fact, you can experiment with different hairstyles with braids boxer protagonists, starting with the creation of double braids made sides of the head, you can also opt for multiple versions, with small braids or more thick that can be twisted to the tips or you can stop half-length; space even the most sophisticated interpretations of braids boxer enriched by the application of beads , colored laces, multicolor ribbons and clips with original thematic motifs, focusing primarily on sparkling inserts and flowers.

At the ordered version with more narrow and the glossy finish plaiting obtained with the ‘ wet effect or with the use of styling products that ensure a prolonged attachment, the hairstyle can also be declined in the variant with messy strands slightly cotonate leaving free a few strands the front to frame the face.

For next spring-summer 2016, 2017 will be a very trendy braids hair look.

If implemented as proposed by the hairstyle, braids style boxers, a jaunty mood and sporty will be assured.

Look at the pictures.

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