Nov 17, 2018
Feb 23, 2016

Birkenstock Shoes Collection For Summer Seasons 2016 2017

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The brand Birkenstock has renewed its shoes collection spring summer 2016 2017 focusing as usual on the casual chic flat patterns from the lively and holiday style.

Are the protagonists of this proposal different sandals with low sole alternating patterns of flip flops opening up to different strokes of color and rewarding different materials such as dull skin and patent leather.

Birkenstock Shoes Collection For Summer Seasons

The line dedicated to sandals invests on an easy chic look without sacrificing ergonomic sole trademark of Birkenstock brands, while the upper welcomes bright pastel brush strokes; space flat open-toe sandals with unique band in shades of black, white, brown, dark blue, without giving up pastel brush strokes that are colored in red, blue, yellow, powder pink.

Stand out also models of sandals complemented by the unique band or with the double strap on the instep opening up to different colors, made with basecoat or the painted then follow some sandals with serrated outsole lug from the shape and pastel upper with the para profiles contrasting. Moving on to the line of flip-flops, the brand Birkenstock suggests declinations version t-bar with pastel uppers which focus on brush strokes of blue, yellow, but also in the printed declination that shape abstract motifs and floral patterns.

Birkenstock sandals Spring Summer

The brand Birkenstock has placed in his shoe collection for Spring Summer 2016 also several models sabot, came back into vogue in recent seasons, the brand has created versions with monochromatic uppers and it is echoed in the declination of the sabot with blaring flowers prints these models are characterized by a closed toe and heel uncovered or covered, to shoe models from the casual mood of the vacationer then alternate versions of the Birkenstock brand has proposed more cheeky shapes and bright pastel strokes.

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