Nov 13, 2018
Dec 27, 2015

10 Beauty Products That Will Change Your Life in 2016

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What will 2016 in makeup and beauty products?

What are beauty products that will make a buzz in 2016?

Natural make-up which gives good mine of captivating fragrances, ultra-targeted treatments or beauty accessories both practical and effective, beauticians will be spoiled for choice with all the new range of beauty proposed early this year! Focus on this new essential beauty that will change our routines!

10 Beauty Products that Will Make A Buzz in 2016

Lancome Miracle Cushion

Lancôme offers beauties to discover a major innovation for this year. The Cushion miracle, a cushion fluid foundation that combines moisturizing properties to a touch of freshness, a cocktail of choice that will brighten the face and overcome any imperfections. One particular background for the pinkish beige and pure porcelain for a natural makeup to perfection.

Givenchy – Le Prisme Visage

The clear and bright shades of Givenchy face prism certainly appeal to those looking for a foundation that allows both blur the signs of fatigue and restore radiance to the face. Note that just shake it so that the microbeads mix and give a unique color.

Dr. Brandt Skincare

To effectively blur the signs of aging and smooth facial skin, we now opt for relaxing anti-wrinkle care Dr. Brandt, the No More Needles that prevents both wrinkles and fade those already marked. After application, the skin will seem lifted and the complexion is radiant.

Tangle Teezer How Does It Work

As one of the most acclaimed products by fashion bloggers and youtube uses, The Tangle Teezer is no ordinary brush that derives its uniqueness from its pop color and its ability to detangle without effort and especially without pain. To advise especially to those whose hair is dry and brittle, but also to those who frequently perform colorations which tarnish their hair.


This double action moisturizer sun promises a healthy glow to each application. It is no longer useful to apply a self-tanner as it will prolong the tan while protecting the skin against UV. We love the packaging both simple and chic.


At Guerlain, innovation is associated with a design choice and Royal Bee serum is a worthy representation. Found in honey composition of the island of Ushant and the exclusive royal jelly, enough to pamper our skin becomes soft and radiant.


The super intensive regenerating cream Shiseido helps fight against wrinkles, even the deepest and firm the skin of the face in a few applications. He returned to office in the wishlist of the new year to those who wish shopper a product that is simple to use and highly effective against signs of age.

Clarins – Instant Light Lip Balm

After facials, our attention has been adopted by the brilliance balm minute Clarins and melting texture to taste gourmet. We love the second-skin effect and the curved effect that makes our lips for maximum sensuality and absolute comfort!

Dior – 5 Colors Eyeshadow 

We love Dior, but this time, no perfume since this is a new version of the mythical Kingdom Palette of Colors 5 colors as the house grabs us. The delicate colors affixed the arms of the brand already offer us a glimpse pallets trend of spring-summer season.

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