Nov 17, 2018
Dec 27, 2015

How An Attractive Skin With the BB Cream?

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So the question: How to make a nice skin with BB cream?

Corrective Moisturizing and declined for all skin tones, cream BB will be among the products we use every day. Indeed, this small miracle product is a real alternative to the foundation to covering and allows a bright and radiant complexion every day and night.

 bb cream

For a natural complexion

For a natural look, it is appropriate to apply a small amount to the palm of the hand and spread over the areas of the faces that need to be cleared, ie, forehead, cheekbones and chin.

Then simply spread the product until it is absorbed through the skin. To do this, we recommend to spread it on the forehead from the center outward. It will do the same for the cheekbones and chin.

For a sophisticated tone

If one plans to go to a party, you need to consider harmonizing the complexion, so as to make it sophisticated. To enjoy a chic complexion, are advised to mix a bit of BB cream with the usual face cream and spread it on the forehead, cheekbones, and chin.

Once the skin has ingested cream, we apply a foundation powder veil across the face with a big brush.

To sublimate the complexion, nothing beats a touch of blush, especially on the cheekbones. This will enhance the complexion and harmonize the entire face.

The advantages of the BB cream

The BB cream offers multiple benefits. It allows to hide the signs of fatigue (dark circles and bags under the eyes). To camouflage these shortcomings, we recommend using a fine brush that has previously coated BB cream.

During application of the latter, it is useful to work well on the contour of the eye in order to disguise the best dark circles. This technique can also be performed on the lip contour to awaken the complexion.

Note that BB cream can also be used daily to moisturize the skin and matte complexion. In short, it allows for a perfect complexion at all times.

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