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Dec 6, 2015

10 Mistakes That You Do When You Apply Makeup

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Of course, there is no right or wrong way to apply makeup, because each of us used to do it on her own. However, we have compiled the top 10 worst mistakes, because of which your makeup does not work in full force. MEND!

If you observe our recommendations, the makeup will look natural and live much longer.

Apply Makeup

Here You Get 10 Mistake Then You Apply Makeup

1. Do not Moisturize the Skin before Make-up

You will be surprised, but light moisturizers able to even replace the base make-up! Before you begin to paint, face powder need not (for some reason, many people still believe, that the powder – this is the first step in creating a make-up), and moisturize. Let the cream to soak for 1-2 minutes, then blot with a tissue and do it. On moist skin cosmetics keeps better – it’s a fact.

2. Forget About The Lip Balm

You know, what you should do in the beginning of her make-up? That’s right, put on lip balm! While you’re messing with the tone and paint the eyes, the lips are moistened and have time to absorb it, and therefore, and lipstick then the perfect lie.

3. Apply Foundation All Over The Face

Tone cream – it’s not a mask; you need to smear all over her face (even professional brush!). Believe me, it will never look natural, so stop myself, “plaster”, use only a light concealer and apply it only on the problem areas – for example, the forehead, the nose, the area under the eyes.

4. Incorrectly is Using Concealer

Use concealer – is a science, why study it, before you start to cover up the bruises under her eyes. Firstly, that the checker is rolled into wrinkles, it is necessary to put thin layer fingertips. When everything is ready, wait thirty seconds, giving the facility to dry, and pat it with a napkin – the skin will return excess concealer, and it will not be noticeable. Second, you’ll probably forget about the nose, and in fact that is where the main danger lurking – blue is not only under the eyes, so pay close attention to this area.

5. Trying to Highlight Cheekbones Blush

Crisp blush suited only, to highlight the apples of the cheeks, and do not try to draw a sunken cheekbones with their help! Many girls somehow think that this trick is quite appropriate, but there it was. Loose base is not suitable for sculpting, and pink pigment on her cheek is unlikely to make you beautiful. So once again: blush – only on the protruding parts of the cheeks (smile, when you apply them), and to buy a special contoured cheekbones with brown pencil midtone – something he coveted and create a shadow effect.

6. Do Not Use a Base Shade

And in vain, oh, how vain! That base under the shadow – is a miracle product, by which eye makeup will last the whole day, even if you created it using the most budget shadows. So this product should definitely settle in your purse.

7. Do Not Use Lip Liner?

We are not just talking about, that lip liner should not be darker than the lipstick itself – fortunately, most of the girls it is made clear, but here’s the rub – many altogether stopped using a pencil. As if from harm’s way … And in fact it helps lipstick and even gloss is not spread through her greasy basis. The solution is very simple – buy one (just one!) Pencil pale color; perfectly match with the natural shade of your lips, and to put it under any lipstick, even red. The ideal circuit is provided to you, do not spread and are not lubricated!

8. Apply the Powder On Her Cheeks

Blush – this is an essential, but also difficult to use the product, which, as the foundation, it is not necessary to apply all over the face. Lightly powder the T-zone, but on the cheeks it really visible – especially in daylight See, if you have the face fuzz.

9. She is Fond Of Light Shadows

The bright shade – a dangerous thing, they almost always make the eyes less, if you do not use a darker shade of eyeliner or ciliary contour. But to create an everyday make-up, just by filling light pink shadows moving an eyelid, it is not necessary – the eyes will not look impressively.

10. You Draw Too Graphically Eyebrows

Bright wide eyebrows in fashion and it are not even discussed, but many of the girls in the pursuit of a beautiful pass a reasonable limit. It is not necessary to sum eyebrow pencil dark – believe me, it looks ridiculous and very strange! It is better to give preference to the special mascara eyebrows or matte brown shades – they have a velvety effect, which looks much more natural.

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