Nov 20, 2018
Dec 7, 2015

Anti-Aging Trick: How to Create a Make-Up to Look Younger

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To look younger, you may want to learn how to achieve a makeup adhoc through the choice of suitable products that accompany a technique that guarantees an end result fresher and more youthful.


Anti-aging Makeup Moisturizer

Moisturize and exfoliate, but also…

To prepare mature skin to receive makeup should carefully moisturize and treat themselves to a specific exfoliating treatment since the skin of mature women is characterized by a thickening greater, to soften the face, it is advisable to make a scrub from natural formulation at least one once every 15 days.

For a look feminine beauty and rejuvenating you must start from a basic trick discreet and avoid overly burdening the skin using products too opaque,

Anti-aging Makeup Moisturizer For Younger Beauty look

You can apply products with a velvety texture such as a smoothing primer to camouflage skin blemishes, wrinkles and other imperfections; you can then proceed with the application of a foundation from light and luminous finish.

You may need to use a concealer to cover dark circles and any discoloration, better to choose a concealer from fluid formulation in order to blend well the product evenly.

The make up of the face is completed by fixing the powder in shades of nude, respecting your skin tone to give the face a radiant allure.

Color eye shadow make up ground for anti-aging

Color eye shadow make up ground for anti-aging

Earth colors for smokey eyes

Turning to the eye makeup, the anti-aging makeup can be achieved through a Smokey eyes sophisticated and delicate colors, choosing an eye shadow that recalls the colors of the earth to be distributed over the entire eyelid to blend with a creamy eye shadow shimmer effect, making sure to blend well the two eye shadow in the crease of the eye.

The make-up of eyes can complete with the black eyeliner to draw a line to root of the top lashes and then blending it slightly lessening the stretch, the final touch is the application of mascara to enlarge the eyes and make it more intriguing.

The anti-aging beauty look you can complete by choosing a clear gloss or pink from the glossy finish or you can apply lipstick ladylike shades of nude, antique pink and peach.

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