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Sep 8, 2018

6 Best Hip Exercises To Reduce Hip Fat At Home

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Causes of Hip Fat

Women body is one of the most important things that makes them look more attractive and appealing and so the hips. Lack of exercise and your sedentary lifestyle leads you to accumulate fat in many body parts and especially the hips and thighs. Only a proper combination of diet and bigger hips workout can make you freshen look as earlier. In such case, everyone looks for some hip exercises to lose hip fat.

6 Hip Exercises for Bigger Hips That Work Fruitfully in Your Hip Reduction

1. Plank Leg Lift for Hip Reduction

Plank includes the start of many major exercises and for sure that it will be the most beneficial hip exercises to get well-shaped hips. It will help a lot in toning and be strengthening the back region, from shoulders to toe and lose hip fat. It will target your inner and outer thighs, shoulders, ankles, calfs, bower region, and Glutes.

How to Perform This Exercise for Bigger Hips:

 Take a high plank posture on the ground, with your hands placed right under your shoulders and butts in a straight incline line from shoulders to ankle.

 Snag your stomach by pulling it towards your spinal cord.

 Clutch your right glute to raise your right leg 1-2 inches above the ground and remember to keep it straight.

 Now start moving the leg out in sideways and rest back to the normal and repeat the same procedure with another leg.

 Do this hip exercises ten times by switching legs.

2. Straight Standing Side Kicks for Hip Reduction

One of the most advised, efficient and adapted hip exercises by the famous trainers like Lauren targets your Glutes, Hips Outer region, Quadriceps, and Inner thighs. The hip exercises are easy to perform and doesn’t require an effort to perform.

Every woman of any age can do the exercise. But sometimes an extra bulk may not allow you to keep your leg parallel to the ground, or you may not hold the leg in the air for a while. But this is the usual problems every starter faces. So keep practicing to gain beautiful natural shape of hips.

How to Perform This Exercise to Lose Hip Fat:

  •  Stand straight with a hip width parallel distance between your feet and place your hand on waist.

  • Now gently pull up the right leg to the side up to buttock height with a straight knee in the air and hold for three secs.

  • While doing the above step remember to keep your inner thigh straight and parallel to the ground surface.

  • And hold for a sec and take another three counts to the lower surface.

  • Repeat the practice for 15 times and keep switching the legs.

3. Lateral Step Out Squats for Hip Reduction

Highly adapted by lots of women all around the world. The exercise will give you magical results over weeks, and you will be amazed to have a standard and fit the shape of hips. It will help to tighten the flappy and loosen hips. At first, it will be little boring, but you will find your ankles dying for the rest. It will target the inner and outer thighs, hip flaps and ankles, calfs, and outer and inner hips.

How to Perform This Hip Workout:

  • Stand in a semi chair like posture with hands joined in front of your chest with minimum two feet gap between foot.

• Now keeping toes straight and parallel to the knee, take two side steps in the right hand and vice versa to perform these hip workouts perfectly.

• Perform at least three sets each of 5 mins.

6 Best Hip Exercises To Reduce Hip Fat At Home

4. Side Pull-Ups for Hip Reduction

Another exercise which can be performed at home without any equipment and will help you a lot in shaping the roundness and tightening of your hips. The practicing of the exercise will target the hamstrings, inner thighs, the outer region of hips.

The practice is a real worthy and results are superbly amazing. The hip workouts take a lot of stamina to perform and a little tough for the starters. So better to adopt the practice after a month of regular training.

How to Perform This Hip Fat Exercise:

• Stand straight with the hands resting on the hips.

• Start lifting one leg each time one by one and gaining a little pace.

• Keep lifting the legs as high as you can with a folded leg.

• Its a kind of still running at a regular pace.

• Do it in reps of 15 by each leg.

5. Raise Hip Exercises for Bigger Hip 

One of the easy and effecting exercise to give tremendous results. It will target your outer hips, glutes, inner and outer thighs and hips flexors. There is no risk of strains andstretching while performing this exercise. It can be easily performed at home.

How to Perform This Hip Exercises:

• Lie on the ground facing upward and with bent knees, flat feet and straights hand on the floor.

• Gently lift up your hips with one leg straight in air towards wall making an angle of 90 degrees to ground with another leg on the first position(knee bent, flat feet on ground)

• Hold the posture for two secs and now move the lifted leg to outer side making an angle of 90 degrees with the rested leg.

• Hold for 2sec and return to the ground on the first posture.

• Now do the same with the other leg by again lifting hips up in the air.

• Do this ten times and by switching one after another.

6. Traveling Squat Hip Workouts

The exercise will give you an athletic experience and will improve the flexibility and even the strength of your body. You need to achieve a good body balance before practicing the exercise. One leg balancing will be a very much useful practice before this training.

It will target you’re all around thighs, quadriceps, and glutes.

How to Perform This Hip Exercises:

• Stand straight with hands on your hips to exercise for bigger hips.

• Now with full exertion release your one leg at a time straight in front of you without bending the knee of any leg as high as you can and try to hold it on the highest in air point.

• Hold for two secs and rest back the lifted leg to ground and try doing same with another leg by keeping the other straight on the ground.

• Do it 15 times by each leg

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