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Jan 29, 2016

5 Makeup Sensual To Achieve In 5 Minutes For Every Woman

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The desire of every woman has put little to be beautiful, we propose 5 make up sensual to achieve in five minutes, so we will have somehow fulfilled a wish, right? The need to feel beautiful, at peace with themselves, and sexy against sex accompanies the choice of makeup and dresses every day, to be sure, though, that sometimes the time is running out and, maybe in the morning, do not we all, this time, to devote to our favorite makeup products.

Let’s see how to resolve in a few minutes and without stress!

01. Deep Black Cat Eye

Deep Black Cat Eye with a Black or Dark Gray Eye shadow

There are many who argue that much of the feminine charm starts by looking, so we focus on the one with a deep black cat eye to achieve in a few minutes. Before we realize our basic classical face, basically naked for an effect porcelain skin. We then take a black eyeliner and create a line on the upper eyelid and it reaches slightly exceed the fundus, go over the line in this last stretch for a more intense effect. Next, with a black or dark gray eye shadow, possibly shimmer, we go through a fine-tipped brush and soft just above the line of eyeliner and even under the eye, we complete with the black pencil in the eye internal rhymes. The focus will be on the look undeniable, and everything really within minutes!

02. Lips Focus On Deep Red Lipstick

Lips Focus On Deep Red Lipstick

After touching eyes focus to a focus lips: these are a very important point in favor of female sensuality. To bet on the lips, if you have beautiful and fleshy, you have to be very careful not to overdo it with the rest of the makeup.
Therefore, it will be important to build on the face make-up nude, primer, foundation, loose powder and a touch of blush. The eyes should be relegated to second place with just a touch of mascara, maybe even brown so as not to make it too obvious. For lips, make sure they are perfect before realizing a small scrub, then traced the outline with a pencil combined with lipstick or flesh-colored and applied finally your favorite red, making sure the edges and with the aid of a special brush. Ready, and yell, in a few minutes!


03. Flick Eyes Style 50S

Flick Eyes Style 50S Another Way to Apply Eyeliner

Returning to the eyes is another way to apply eyeliner that ensures an outcome super seductive in a few minutes: this is the flick eye technique, as used in the ’50s. And we must not “afraid” to inspire in those years, in fact, at that time were really masters of seduction.
How to achieve it? With our usual black eyeliner let’s draw a line on the upper eyelid that is very thin, especially on the outside of which has to point upwards, as a kind of small tail. Can we zoom in a little line in the central part of the eyelid depending on personal taste and finally wash it all down with a generous dose of black mascara, possibly stretching.

04. Total Nude Makeup

Total Nude Makeup Also Goodbye To Dark Circles

Who said that the soap and water effect is not sexy? Think it is wrong, a nude makeup can certainly conquer, not by chance is often seen as a leitmotif of the greatest designers on the catwalk.
The important thing is to realize art and, therefore, be careful to remove the make up any kind of skin imperfections: goodbye wrinkles with fillers and a foundation ad hoc, also goodbye to dark circles that have to be covered perfectly by choosing the right concealer.
Farewell to redness and pimples and shiny effect, always using a loose powder or mineral, which fixes the base, and “dry” skin. The lips with a thin layer of transparent gloss or pink and is ready to conquer!

Classic Smokey Eyes

Classic Smokey Eyes more than 5 minutes

Everybody thinks that making smokey eyes requires much more than 5 minutes, and in fact, for the more elaborate it is. But there are also simplified versions that can give great satisfaction in a short time: first choose only two colors, one darker and one lighter. For a sexy evening look good bet on black and gray shimmer, for example.
Remember that black will form the central part of your makeup should be spread well-shaded on the entire eyelid, while the gray will serve as a point of light and will go nuanced in turn, above, starting from the inside of the eye up to about half the eyelid.
Always with black passed under the eye rhyme and complete with eyeliner on the eyelid and in the internal rhyme to broaden our vision. Abundant mascara and voila … a simplified version of the smokey eyes is done!

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