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Mar 23, 2016

10 Things Never To Say To A Girl Tattooed

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Some clichéd phrases are not telling women tattooed if you want to avoid getting a blast reproachful glare. To spare all susceptibilities and not to rob the person tattooed in front of you, read these lines…

Girl Tattooed Pretty Tattoos Designs

Girl Tattooed Pretty Tattoos Designs

“I do not like girls with tattoos.”

Well there are plenty of tattooed women everywhere. And full of wonderful people have tattoos: Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Eva Longoria, Sienna Miller, Kristen Stewart, and it goes into the best.

“You were so pretty natural …”

Yes, but she still is. Better, it was perhaps a little less before being tattooed!

“You’ll regret someday.”

Without a doubt but one thing is certain, at this time, if it had no tattoo, she would have regretted. The important thing in all this is definitely live for the moment and follows his desires without project in 50 years.

“That sounds fun to do!”

Even if a sentence to get a tattoo on the skin is very romantic, it is not always what is most enjoyable in the world (well, everything depends on the practices of each …)

“My cousin has a tattoo of hearts around a baby dolphin on the ankle”

No, there, a woman who loves tattoos certainly not will guarantee this kind of tattoo a bit too much for her. Admittedly, this is a woman, but that does not mean it has to stick to restrictive conceptions of tattooing, namely love and baby animals. Especially the tattoo ideas are endless!

“Do you have other tattoos elsewhere on the body?”

This question is not always welcome because it often happens that tattoos enthusiasts experimenting with areas of their body that affect them because they are privately owned or completely private.

“It did not tell you hurt?”

Yes! A needle is stirred on his back for 4 hours. So to be honest, it was probably gritted teeth. It may not be useful for each person who crosses back over this difficult time to live.

” What does that mean? ”

You can ask this question without problem to someone you know, but if not, better to play it safe. Many tattoos are just fine without necessarily having a specific meaning but other people are very attached to the meaning of the tattoo. That said, everyone is not necessarily ready to tell the reason for drawing on his body, because this motivation can be very personal. It depends, again, on your degree of intimacy with the person you are questioning.

“Did not you afraid your tattoo crumples and becomes ugly when you grow old?”

No, it will look a grandmother completely rock’n’roll instead, where’s the harm? And it’s a heart stroke tattoo, and then why not use it?

“You’ll never find work with that!”

You met this woman there 5 minutes; you do not even know her name. While difficult to judge his career plans as quickly. Visible tattoos are a problem for some employers across sectors, but many workplaces have less restrictive policies on the subject.

Attitudes are changing. Tattoos eventually become accepted in many circles, and that’s good!

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